April 24, 2024
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Duncanville Season 4: Will The Show Return? What Are The Chances?

The third season of Fox network’s Duncanville concluded its run last month. The show has been successfully making fans laugh hilariously for the past three seasons. Now, they are curious to find out when the show is coming back with Duncanville Season 4. So, here’s what we know about the fourth season.


Duncanville is an adult animated comedy-drama series. A 15-year-old boy called Duncan Harris is the focus of the program. Despite wanting to become a detective, his mother, Annie, works as a parking enforcement meter maid. In contrast to his own father, Duncan’s father is a rock-obsessed plumber who makes a lot of effort to be a good parent to his three children. Kimberly, a 12-year-old Wiccan, is Duncan’s sullen and socially inept sister.

Duncanville Season 4

Duncan’s adoptive 5-year-old Asian sister, Jing, completes the family and is always prepared to offer him some advice. Duncan enjoys living the good life in his fantasy world, where he can escape his real life and become whatever he wants. The program shows a funny contrast between the amazing fanciful happenings and the everyday realities of existence. Here are the steps you may take if you want to view the show.

Is Duncanville Season 4 Coming?

The third season of Duncanville debuted on May 1, 2022, on the Fox network, and the season concluded with the finale dropping on June 26, 2022. Now, talking about the future of the show, we do not have the good news that fans want to hear. After the conclusion of the third season, Fox slashed the show’s fourth season. Thus, there will not be a Duncanville Season 4. 

Duncanville Season 4

Although the reason for the cancelation has not been revealed by the network, many reports claim that the makers have decided to move on from the show and want to focus on other projects. So, now, fans will have to make do with the rewatching past three seasons.

Voice Cast!

The voice cast of the animated series Duncanville features Amy Poehler as the lead character of Duncan and his mother, Annie. Meanwhile, we also have Ty Burrell giving voice to Jack, Duncan’s father, Riki Lindhome as Kimberly, and Joy Osmanski lending voice to Jing. Moreover, there is Zach Cherry as Wolf, Yassir Lester as Yangzi, and Betsy Sodaro voicing Bex.

Duncanville Season 4

Other cast members in the show also include Rashida Jones as Mia Abara, Wiz Khalifa as Mr. Mitch, Retta as Sandy, Adam Scott dubbing Nick, and Nick Offerman as Zeb. If the show returns with Duncanville Season 4, most of these voice actors will likely return to their characters. At the same time, there might also be some new cast members for the fourth season.

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