Tales Of The Walking Dead: Know Release Date, Cast & Upcoming Storyline!

AMC’s The Walking Dead debuted as a Zombie horror drama series in 2010. However, thanks to the immense popularity it received, it transformed into a multi-faced franchise, which several TV shows and Video games. Meanwhile, the latest addition to the list of TWD spinoffs is the upcoming Tales Of The Walking Dead. 

What To Expect From Tales Of The Walking Dead?

There are a ton of spinoff programs set in The Walking Dead’s made-up universe. But the franchise’s first anthology series will be Tales Of The Walking Dead. There will be six episodes of Tales of the Walking Dead, each focusing on a different character and plot. The anthology series, which Channing Powell created, will bring all-new characters to the world of The Walking Dead. Nonetheless, it will also include former fan favorites.

Tales Of The Walking Dead

As per the showrunner, Tales of the Walking Dead will take place in many timeframes. A single episode is set 35 years in the future, long after the zombie apocalypse first appeared. The authors of the Walking Dead spin-off have more creative freedom than in the first series. 

According to rumors, the future of one Tales of the Walking Dead episode has been explored for more than three decades. This will be the franchise’s first significant temporal expansion. We got a sneak peek at the new characters and their exploits in the season trailer. Fans eagerly anticipate the appearance of Alpha, a fan-favorite villain, in the program.

Cast Details!

As the first season of the show has not premiered yet, we still down know about all the characters who will appear in the upcoming Tales Of The Walking Dead. And it would not be unrealistic for us to expect some surprise appearances or cameos from other shows of the franchise. 

Tales of the Walking Dead

Nonetheless, we have some confirmations about the cast of The Walking Dead spin-off. The series stars Anthony Edwards as Dr. Everett, Parker Posey playing Blair, and Jillian Bell in the role of Gina. Also, there are Terry Crews as Joe, Olivia Munn portrays Evie, and Poppy Liu as Amy. In addition, the cast also includes Danny Ramirez as Eric, Daniella Pineda appearing as Idalia, and Jessie Usher playing Devon. Furthermore, Samantha Morton will star as Dee/ Alpha, and Scarlett Blum will be seen as Lydia.

Tales of The Walking Dead: Reelease Date

Tales of the Walking Dead

There is another branch coming in the ever-expanding franchise of AMC’s The Walking Dead franchise. As fans were waiting to find out what this new show has in store for them, AMC revealed the release date of the forthcoming Tales Of The Walking Dead. The show will debut on AMC+ on August 14, 2022. Much like the previous show, it will also follow the weekly episodic release format and will feature a total of six standalone stories. 

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