April 22, 2024
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Instant Dream Home Season 2: Did Netflix Renew The Show For Another Season?

Netflix’s home renovation series, Instant Dream Home, dropped on the streaming platform two days ago. The show is getting quite popular for its unique premise, which features a complete house transformation in just twelve hours. As the fans are curious about Instant Dream Home Season 2, let’s discuss what we know about it. 


Is Instant Dream Home Season 2 Renewed?

The first season of the home renovation and transformation series premiered on Netflix on August 10, 2022. Meanwhile, talking about the future of the series, there has not been an official announcement about the renewal of the series as of now. But it is not a matter of worry as it has been only a couple of days since the show’s premiere. 

Will 'Instant Dream Home' Return for Season 2?

Besides, Netflix is known to take some time to analyze a sho’s performance before, before renewing it for another season. The premise of the show is unquestionably interesting, and the crew’s tight deadlines increase the entertainment value of the broadcast. The majority of families on the program are chosen for their contributions to society, which causes the viewers to support the renovators with all of their might. But we will have till Netflix renews the series for Instant Dream Home Season 2. 

What Will Instant Dream Home Season 2 Will Be About?

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When the house restoration series returns with Instant Dream Home Season 2, there will be more thrilling house transformation tasks that the team needs to do in roughly 12 hours. New families will bring new allies, which are essential for keeping the homeowners in the dark. A chopper dropping out a window was among the inventive ways the program’s first season effectively transformed the homes. If the show is renewed, we can be confident that it will continue to wow us similarly for another season.

Who Will Feature In Season 2?

In the home renovation series, Danielle Brooks appears as the host of the show and the team leader. The fans enjoyed her presence on the show and loved her as the host. Therefore, there is a high chance of her returning to resume her duties in Instant Dream Home Season 2. The series also features Adair Curtis, who is an interior designer and played an important part in transforming the house, along with the carpenter Erik Curtis. Thus we expect both of them to come back in season 2. 

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Nick Cutsumpas, the talented exterior designer who alters the house’s outside, is also anticipated to return. Additionally, Paige Mobley, who provides Special Projects knowledge catered to the requirements and preferences of the homeowners, could possibly re-join the team. Instant Dream Home Season 2 will introduce viewers to new families, who they will undoubtedly warmly welcome. Any other new or familiar faces are also welcome.

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