June 18, 2024
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Uncharted 2: Will There Be A Sequel? Will Tom Holland Return? Find Out Here

In February 2022, after a long wait of several years, Sony Pictures finally released the action-adventure based on the videogame franchise, Uncharted. With over 400 million dollars collected at the Boxoffice, the film became a huge success. Therefore, ever since, fans have been curious about the chances of Uncharted 2. So, here’s what we know about it.   


 Created by Ruben Fleischer, Rafe Lee Judkins, and Art Marcum, Sony Pictures’ Uncharted is the live-action adaptation of the popular eponymous video game franchise. The movie follows Street-smart Nathan Drake is enlisted by treasure hunter Victor Sullivan to help him locate 500-year-old hidden riches gathered by explorer Ferdinand Magellan.

What Can Uncharted 2 Be About?

The last scene of Uncharted introduces Gage, a person who works for Roman, one of the video game antagonists. Nate’s ring, which formerly belonged to Sir Francis Drake, has captured the attention of Gage. The enigma surrounding Nate’s purported ancestry could be explored in Uncharted 2. It results in yet another exciting treasure hunt, although one that is a little more intimate than the one in the previous movie.

Uncharted 2

Additionally, the conclusion of Uncharted introduces Gage, a figure who works for Roman, one of the video game antagonists. Nate’s ring, which was previous hold by Sir Francis Drake, has attracted Gage’s attention. It’s possible that Nate’s alleged ancestor may be explored in depth in Uncharted 2. This might result in a different kind of exciting treasure hunt than the one in the previous movie.

Who Will be The Villain?

In the second post-credits scene, Holland’s Nate is shown negotiating with an unidentified new character. Before the character does a double-cross on Nate and attempts to keep both, the transaction involves Nate handing up his renowned ring in return for a WWII Nazi map. Gage is revealed to be Asbaek’s character. Even though Gage is a unique character, he states that Roman is his employer of his. This is a reference to the original Uncharted video game.

Uncharted 2

Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, the first game in the series, featured Nate and Sully. They looked for Sir Francis Drake’s casket, hoping to follow it to the fabled El Dorado-like hidden city. In Drake’s Fortune, Gabriel Roman was the second interested party, like in other Uncharted games, and Drake’s objective was to locate the hidden city before them. Roman was a notorious British criminal with a passion for priceless antiques and misplaced riches. In Drake’s Fortune, he is one of the key adversaries, and the follow-up to the movie could feature him.

When Is Uncharted 2 Coming?

Uncharted 2

Even though Sony Picture’s Uncharted hit the theatres in February 2022, the film was in the works for about 14 years. But hopefully, fans will not have to wait for so long for the sequel of the series. As per the reports, given the success of the first film, Sony Studios are interested in bringing the sequel. Despite the second film has not been confirmed officially, the head of Sony Studious stated that Uncharted is the start of “a brand-new franchise for us”. His statement indicates that Uncharted 2 is the scheme of things for the studio. But as of now, we do not know when is the second film coming.

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