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One Day At A Time Season 5: Will The Show Ever Return? Find Out Here

PopTv’s One Day At A Time is an acclaimed comedy-drama series created by Gloria Calderón Kellett and Mike Royce. The show is based on the 1970s comedy series of the same name revolves around a Cuban single mother, Penelope living with her two children, Elena and Alex. The Emmy award-winning sitcom has given fans a lot of heartwarming and humorous moments over the years. But Fans have been waiting for One Day At A Time Season 5 for a while now. So, let’s discuss what we know about it. 

One Day At A Time Season 5 Cast!

One Day at a Time' to Produce Animated Special as Shutdown Continues -  Variety

One of the main highlights of the series One Day At A Time is the powerful performance put to screen by the star cast. The cast of the series includes Justina Machado as Penelope Alvarez, who is a former Army Nurse. Penelope’s two kids, Alex and Elena, are played by Marcel Ruiz and Isabella Gomez, respectively. On the other hand, Todd Grinnell appears as Pat Schneider. Meanwhile, other significant cast members include Stephen Tobolowsky as Dr. Leslie Berkowitz, Penelope’s desolate boss, and Rita Moreno as Penelope’s mother, Lydia. When the show returns for One Day At A Time Season 5, we expect most of the prominent cast members to return in their roles.

Will There Be One Day At A Time Season 5?

The fourth season of the comedy series was released on PopTv on March 24, 2020. Meanwhile, talking as the One Day At A Time Season 5 is concerned, the show has not been renewed by the network. However, the creators, on the other hand, are completely on board with the idea of a fifth season. During an interview, the executive producer of the series, Gloria Calderon Kellett, mentioned, “We always come in with a skeleton of what we’re thinking we’re going to do. And we sort of had that built out through season 5 or 6. There are so many things we haven’t gotten to tell yet because this family. We have so much for them to go through still.”

But unfortunately, the network is not interested in bringing back the series for a fifth season. This was confirmed by Kellet’s Tweet, in which she wrote. “It’s officially over. There will be no new @OneDayAtATime episodes. But there will always be 46 episodes that we got to make that live FOREVER. Thank you to this beautiful cast. Our dedicated crew. And to you, our loyal fans. We loved making this for you. Thank you for watching.”

What Could Be The Plot Of One Day At A Time Season 5?

One Day at a Time' cast bids sad farewell to canceled show - Los Angeles  Times

If the show comes back with One Dat At A Time Season 5, the story will continue after the events of the fourth season. The fifth season of the show will follow the numerous pursuits of the Cuban-American Alvarez family staying in LA. The fifth season may keep up with the show’s trend of exploring standard issues. This includes mental health, sexism, homophobia, immigration, gender identity, and racial identity that the Latinx community faces in the United States.

The executive producer Gloria Calderon Kellett highlighted that One Day At A Time Season 5 planned to include some heart-touching episodes. They even planned an episode dealing with the issue of religious faith. On the other hand, they also planned an episode about Elena as she attempts to decide where she will go to school. Since a romance was blooming between Penelope and Max, the next may also focus on it.

What Did The Showrunner Say About One Day At A Time Season 5?

Gloria took to Twitter to reveal the facts of an unaired Christmas episode. The creator of the Pop TV sitcom also announced the specifics of the episode in a tweet, which can be read below. Gloria even disclosed the surprise that was intended to catch the audience off guard, as evidenced by the tweet. She also mentioned additional details from the One Day At A Time Season 4 episode that were not mentioned in his most recent Twitter post.

Her tweet reads, “Season 4, Episode 13 of @OneDayAtATime that we’ll never get a chance to shoot was called Dreams, Written by Sebastian Jones & Brigitte Munoz-Liebowitz. This one had the emotional monologues you love & a twist where Elena wants to stay in LA after actually getting into Yale! Sigh!”

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