May 27, 2024
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Keep Breathing Season 2: Will The Show Return? What Are The Chances?

The first season of Netflix’s thrilling drama series Keep breathing followed Liv’s attempt to find her mother. However, her trip turned into a dangerous survival mission. Even though the first season wrapped up the storyline nicely, the fans are still curious about the possibility of Keep Breathing Season 2.  


Netflix’s Keep Breathing is a survival drama series developed by Martin Gero and Brendan Gall. The series debuted on the streaming platform in July 2022. The series revolved around Liv after her plane crashed in the wilderness, and she had to fight against the odds to survive.  

What To Expect From Keep Breathing Season 2?

The first season of the show featured flashbacks from Liv’s difficult upbringing. And her delicate relationship with Danny, a coworker. Lucia, Liv’s unstable mother, abandoned her and her father when Liv was a young girl, severing their relationship. But after her father passed away, Liv learned that Lucia had been mailing postcards while her father had kept everything a secret. 

Keep Breathing Season 2

Liv decided to see her mother after finding out she was expecting to ensure she hadn’t inherited her instability. Liv ended up traveling to Inuvik; as a result, becoming lost in the tundra and having hallucinations. The conclusion of Keep Breathing season 1 wonderfully wraps off Liv’s standalone narrative. The show leaves the possibility of a second season with a different lead character. 

Liv’s successful wilderness survival allows Keep Breathing season 2 to focus on a new lead character who finds herself in a similar predicament. The conclusion of Keep Breathing looks quite conclusive. But if Keep Breathing has a second season will depend on how well or poorly it does with streaming audiences. Barrera’s acting has already received muted appreciation from critics, and Keep Breathing’s weak narrative has also drawn criticism.

Did Live Meet Her Mother In Keep Breathing?

Keep Breathing Season 2

Liv’s attempt to meet with her mother is motivated more by dread than by any desire to rekindle a relationship. Liv’s capacity to survive and her positive view on life in the finale of Keep Breathing season 1, therefore, demonstrate to the character that she did not inherit her mother’s instability. The fact that Liv survived her ordeal, including the physical injuries, several hallucinations, and brief thoughts of suicide. Because of this, she is no longer concerned about turning like Lucia, which allows the Keep Breathing season 1 finale to reassure its lead character.

Will There Be Keep Breathing Season 2?

Keep Breathing season 2

The entire first season of the survival drama series dropped on the streaming giant Netflix on July 28, 2022. Meanwhile, talking about the prospect of the show’s second season, there has not been any updates from Netflix yet. Fans should keep in mind that the show was originally billed as a mini-series. And the first season also ended on a somewhat conclusive note. However, if the show performs well in terms of viewership, there are chances of it coming back with Keep Breathing Season 2. But we can not say anything definitive at this point till Netflix clears the air and makes an official announcement.

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