Cheer Up Ep 13

Cheer Up Ep 13: Hae-yi’s Life On Edge, Sun-ho Learns An Intel! WATCH

SBS’s new K-drama combines comedy, mystery, romance, and a teen spin. Finally, the couple started dating each other and the show showed some adorable factors between the couple. But Cheer Up Ep 13 will be an ice-breaker for the couple as everyone knows about their relationship and it isn’t a secret anymore. Meanwhile, the second lead has been facing rejection, and he will soon create problems in the couple’s lives. Keep reading to know more.

Cheer Up Ep 13: What Will Happen Next?

The upcoming episode will explore Hae-Yi’s fate. Well, she is just passed out with the smell of smoke, and Sun-ja has no clue how to reach her. He wants to save her, but the fire petrifies him. However, the group will soon gathers there, and Jung-woo starts kicking the room’s door to open it. After a few failures, he will finally succeed in saving his love. While Sun-ja will be glad to see her safe, he won’t like how Jung-woo treats him. He will give her CPR, which will help her to breathe again.

Cheer Up Ep 13

However, it remains unclear why Jin-il did that. His intention is currently unknown. But one thing is clear he will continue to create a mess in Hae-yi’s life. There’s a possibility that Jin-il is doing this to make things vulnerable for Jung-woo, as he knows they are a couple. Soon the scene will shift to a delightful moment where the pair will cuddle and share some cute moments. Perhaps, Sun-ja will see them, breaking his heart into trillion pieces.

A Quick Recap!

The previous episode opened up with a beautiful moment between the couple. They finally shared a kiss under the rainbow, face covering raindrops and cherishing moments with handholding at night. Jung-woo and Hae-Yi were happy as they were ready to start a new relationship. But they agreed to keep it a secret. The new love birds couldn’t say goodbye to each other when they appeared in front of Hae-yi’s house. Finally, after saying goodbye, Jung-woo returned to give her a peck. But unfortunately, her mom saw everything and started teasing her. As for the dating scene, Hae-Yi didn’t tell anyone except her best friend Sun-ja.

Cheer Up Ep 13

While they believed they were alone in the practice room, Kim Jin-il, the craziest man, heard everything. Soon everyone learned that Jin-il was part of this new team activity. He took Yoo-min’s place and became in charge of planning. This was because Yoo-min decided to leave Korea and study abroad. Cho-hee felt something was wrong and didn’t support Jin-il joining their team. However, Jung-woo didn’t find anything wrong with it. At night, Sun-ho visited Hae-yi’s house, stumbling drunk and crying for his love. He created a mess and later ended up sleeping in Jae-yi’s place.

After a few days, the group went to the camp, but they decided to play a game at an abandoned hospital before reaching their camp. Cho-hee, Jung-woo, and Jin-il hid in the building and the rest of the group had to find them. Hae-Yi and Sun-ho ran into each other, and Sun-ho decided to follow his heart. Meanwhile, when Hae-Yi entered a room, Jin-il locked her and caused a fire. Sun-ja saw her inside and started screaming as he had no idea how to deal with it.

Cheer Up Ep 13

Cheer Up Ep 13: Release Date

Hae-Yi will be in trouble, and now she needs to figure out who caused the fire. But before that, there will be some cute, cherishing moments. You will learn it in Cheer Up Ep 13, which will air on December 5, 2022, at 22.00 KST. The local Korean audience can stream it on SBS, while the international audience can catch it on Viu. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.

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