April 23, 2024
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My Perfect Landing Season 2: Releasing In 2023? Will Jenny Return?

My Perfect Landing Season 2

Sportsmanship and moral values are what make a sports drama successful. My Perfect Landing is such a teen drama that barely got lost in terms of the story. Clearly, the makers have blended secret training of Jenny and the biggest fear of Whitney so well. The moment when Jenny won the final round, fans couldn’t resist but watched it on the loop. The last time when the series appeared on the screens was three years ago. Since then, fans have been anxiously waiting for My Perfect Landing Season 2.


Released internationally on Netflix, the teen drama ended on a cliffhanger. Hence, the hope for the second installment is high. Not just that, fans are also missing the ride of laughter and fun shown in My Perfect Landing. So, let’s get into the details of the second chapter.

Who Is Morgan Wigle? What Is She Currently Doing?

Born on September 14, 2007, Morgan Wigle is a young gymnast from Ottawa. Apart from gymnastics, she is known as a young TV actress too. Morgan rose to prominence after being cast as Jenny Cortez in My Perfect Landing. Moreover, her younger sister, Sydney Wigle, is also a passionate gymnast.

Currently, the young athlete is focused on her career. The latest posts on Instagram are related to the gymnastics competition where she won 2nd AA Level 9 at Provincials 2022, making everyone proud. However, other than congratulating Morgan, fans are anxiously commenting on the future of My Perfect Landing Season 2.

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What Could Happen In My Perfect Landing Season 2: Will Jenny Continue Her Gymnastics Career?

The debut season of My Perfect Landing went smoothly until Whitney Cortez relocated to Toronto. Since the job was no more in her hands, Whitney decided to leave Miami. She went to Toronto with her two children, Joon and Jenny. After a bit of time, everything was going back into place. Whitney began a club dedicated to gymnastics. However, the club was opened with the association of Jenny’s grandfather, Gus. Earlier, the father-daughter duo used to be in the same field.

Even though Whitney was a gymnast, she never favored her children getting into this sport. She was scared of the fatal and dangerous injuries her daughter might have to face once she entered gymnastics. On the contrary, Gus became Jenny’s secret trainer. With his training sessions and friends’ motivation, Jenny was delighted to follow gymnastics. Further, when she got admitted into the school, Jenny’s happiness knew no boundaries when she came across the gymnastics team.

My Perfect Landing Season 2
My Perfect Landing, Netflix (Source: BBC)

However, the team’s captain blackmailed her into stepping back from the competition as he was not sure of Jenny’s talent. Apart from it, Whitney finally realizes that her father has trained Jenny behind her back. In the finale episode, the young girl got her leg injury during a stunt performance. Although the injury was severe for a gymnast, she managed to do well in the final round. On the other hand, her mother and friends were present at the competition to boost Jenny’s confidence. Because of the moral support, she succeeds in doing a flawless gymnastic stunt. As a result, Jenny won the competition, and her admirers were so happy to witness her bagging the first position.

Talking about My Perfect Landing season 2 story, the plot might continue from the point where the first installment left off. Since the finale ended with Jenny’s victory, fans are expecting the after-story in season 2. The next season will surely revolve around the recovery of Jenny’s leg contusion. Fans are already questioning her future as a gymnast after the injury. So, if the story continues, viewers will get an answer. Her family, especially Gus and Whitney, will help Jenny to get back on the seat. Nevertheless, fans know that Jenny will leave no stone unturned to continue her grandpa’s and mother’s legacy.

Who Will Be Returning?

How would My Perfect landing season 2 look like without Jenny Cortez? Well, this situation is unimaginable for the fans. The second chapter will again have gymnast Morgan Wigle essaying the role of Jenny. In addition to her, Gus, played by Shawn Thompson, is bound to return to his role. Apart from them, Helena Marie might reprise her character of Jenny’s mother, Whitney Cortez. Lastly, Natasha Zaborski and Tom Hulshof could be back as Olivia Shaw and Joon Cortez, respectively.

Coming to the supporting cast members, Hailey Vynychenko might step in as Sarah Cortez. There’s a chance for Francesca van Keeken as Rachel Osbourne, Leonidas Castrounis as Kiko LaVoisier, and Holly Belbeck as Cassie LaVoisier, to be back on the screens in My Perfect Landing season 2.

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When Can We Expect My Perfect Landing Season 2?

Created by Frank van Keeken, this Canadian teen sports drama is a sneak peek into the daily lives of a gymnast family. Initially, it premiered on January 8, 2020, on Family Channel. The series moved to CBBC for the UK release. Lastly, the 15-episodes-long My Perfect Landing season 1 aired on Netflix on August 1, 2020.

Diving into the details of the second season, here are what updates have been revealed so far. As already mentioned above, the debut chapter ended on such a note that opened various speculations among the viewers. Also, the drama was able to achieve the critics’ attention. Thus, it received a favorable reception in all aspects.

My Perfect Landing, Netflix (Source: BBC)

Keeping in mind all the aforementioned details, fans are really hoping for the creators to consider My Perfect Landing season 2. However, it has been more than three years since the makers dropped any update on the same. As of now, a formal official statement concerning the future of the series is yet to be announced. So, My Perfect Landing season 2 stands at an unclear status. As soon as any update drops in, we will update the section immediately. However, if we hear such development soon in the coming time, My Perfect Landing season 2 might release somewhere around the autumn of 2024.

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