April 13, 2024
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Troppo Season 2: Releasing In 2023? What Will Ted Conkaffey Investigate Next?

Troppo Season 2

It is pretty unusual for someone to run after a crime that he didn’t commit. Well, Troppo is such a series that showed why an ex-cop investigates a couple of crimes simultaneously. Although his involvement in all these criminal activities is null, Ted Conkaffey is extraordinarily suspicious. The drama embarks on a journey of mystery, thrill, complexities, and realism. It was a year ago when viewers went on the roller coaster ride of emotions with Ted. Since then, Troppo season 2 has emerged as one of the most anticipated Australian projects.


Adapted from Candice Fox’s novel Crimson Lake, Troppo has bagged critics’ admiration. Whether scripting or characterization, the makers of the series have balanced out everything. The first season was released on February 24, 2022. With eight episodes in hand, the debut installment premiered on ABC TV. Shot mainly in Queensland, Troppo has a compelling story. Moreover, the prime focus didn’t lose its centrality, making it more worth watching.

Troppo Season 2: Renewed By Amazon Prime Video?

Troppo Season 2
Troppo, ABC

ABC TV showed up with the maiden season on February 27, 2022. It has been a year since we last saw Ted and Amanda together. As far as the Troppo Season 2 is concerned, makers are still to announce anything in its favor. Currently, the future of the drama is unpredictable. Neither has it been canceled nor has the series been renewed. We need to wait for a formal announcement to drop in. Most probably, fans will likely hear something positive by this year.

What Will Happen In Troppo Season 2?

The story centers upon Ted Conkaffey, a former police officer. He has been hired by Amanda Pharell. She is an investigator by profession but holds criminal records. Such an irony! Both team up to find a missing person belonging to a Korean family. But, during their hunt to solve the case, they face strange activities on their way. Although they were clueless about everything, the complexities continued to grow. Thoroughly, Ted and Amanda landed at the forest lands of Queensland. Shockingly, the place was difficult to survive. Thus, they struggled for survival, and, ultimately, several unforeseen situations awaited them.

In his way of investigating the crime, Ted got entangled in another crime scene. Although he was suspecting the missing person’s case, the murder mystery took the task on a different path. On the other hand, Ted has already tried his best to remain unknown. But, his tie-up with Amanda has put his identity in danger.

Talking about the plot of the upcoming season, Troppo will continue from where it left off. Since the drama is based on a novel, the follow-up has much more to explore. Taking his novel series ahead, the author Candice Fox has a second book, Redemption Point. Hence, the sequel to Troppo might pick up the story from the second novel. Moreover, if the makers show up with the third installment, they might adapt Gone By Midnight. It is touted as the third book of the series. Nonetheless, Troppo Season 2 promises more goosebumps and eyebrow-raising scenes.

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Who Will Return In The Second Season?

Known for astonishing roles in 2018’s ‘The Predator’, Thomas Jane will surely return to the sets of Troppo. Who would accept the story moving forward without him? So, his entry into the second installment is pretty certain. In addition, Nicole Chamoun will reprise her character of Amanda Pharrell. The Australian actress is renowned for her role in ‘Safe Harbour’ as Zahra Al-Biyati. Apart from these two, David Lyons might step in as Inspector Lou Damford alongside Kate Beahan as Olivia. Sun Park and Yerin Ha could return in the second chapter essaying the role of Yoon Sun Park and Ah Rah Park, respectively. Further, Radha Mitchell might continue as Kelly, while Damien Garvey is also expected to return to the screens.

Despite such speculations, new faces are also expected to join in. Since the story will move forward in a new direction, makers can have a new panel of cast members. But, the main cast from the first chapter is bound to return in Troppo Season 2.

Troppo Season 2: Release Date

Troppo Season 2
Troppo, ABC

If the renewal takes place by this year, at the earliest, season 2 will take almost a year to complete all the aspects. The scripting and pre-production phase is still in limbo. So, Troppo season 2 might take a year or more to release. Nevertheless, if everything goes in place as expected, it might release somewhere around 2024. Stay Tuned to TECHRADAR247 for more updates!

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