May 24, 2024
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This Way Up Season 3: Returning In 2023? Menzies Hints Towards The Next Season!

This Way Up Season 3

Alex Winckler’s This Way Up made a grand comeback with a second season in 2021. The drama was so critically acclaimed that it received a BAFTA award. Moreover, the sitcom succeeded in entertaining the viewers, and they remained hooked up until the end. With light-hearted scenes and black comedy, This Way Up has bagged favorable reviews. Following the sequel, the series has not shown up to date. Thus, the humorous punch lines are already being missed by the fans. With such anticipation, This Way Up Season 3 was among the most searched queries on the internet. Netizens left no aspect untouched to dig out details about it.


The drama revolves around a young Irish woman, Aine. She has spent most of her life in London and lately has not been in any romantic relationship. By profession, Aine is an English teacher at school. Apart from the plot, the drama showed the beauty of London. Moreover, the debut season was released in 2019. After a year’s gap, the sequel followed up in 2021. It was picked up by Hulu for online streaming.

Will There Be This Way Up Season 3?

This Way Up Season 3
This Way Up, Channel 4

After the second season, the director, Alex, didn’t come up with any announcement. Neither the team nor the streaming platform made any official statement regarding This Way Up Season 3. As of now, the future of the drama is in limbo. Once a renewal update drops in, a clear status will be revealed. Moreover, there are many factors that would be looked into.

Talking about the reviews, critics have appreciated the overall setting of the drama. In addition, many renowned publications have praised the story. Some of the prominent media platforms regarded it as charming and hilarious. Further, fans’ response to the series was pretty satisfying. Hence, most of the factors favor the possibility of season 3. Thus, fans should not lose hope, as we might hear an update anytime sooner.

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What Will Happen Next In This Way Up Season 3?

Aine was formerly admitted into a rehabilitation center in London. But she left the place as she found the place discomforting. Her sister, Shona, was also disappointed with the facilities at that center. Most people suffered from substance use disorders, while Aine had a nervous breakdown. Further, she joined the teaching class as an English teacher. On the other hand, Shona arranged a party. She invited Aine as well, but the latter remained at the flat. When Shona left for the party, Aine called over one of her acquaintances, Tom. He lived in the same rehabilitation center as her.

This Way Up Season 3
This Way Up, Channel 4

In the second season, Aine and Richard exchange their feelings. After much hassle, they both shared their emotions for each other. However, Shona already knew what was brewing between them. In contrast, Shona was dealing with her relationship with Vish. Accidentally, she left a voice message for the wrong person.

In season 3, Shona’s affair might be revealed because of the voicemail. Moreover, more complications will be arriving in Aine’s life. Richard revealed his romantic angle before his son. Thus, their path seems rough, so several emotional subjects will also be included. Nonetheless, speaking to Radio Times, Tobias Menzies said that there are 50-50 chances for season 3 to take a significant leap. The previous seasons witnessed a time jump. So the team can plan according to it.

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Who Will Return In The Next Season?

This Way Up Season 3
This Way Up, Channel 4

The entire cast panel is divided into two categories, viz. main and recurring. This Way Up Season 3 will mark the return of most of the characters. Protagonist Aisling Bea will reappear as Aine. Sharon Horgan will continue serving two responsibilities. She would reprise her role as Shona while sitting on the chair of the executive producer. Tobias Menzies and Dorian Grover would step in as the on-screen father-son duo. The other cast members to star in season 3 are Aasif Mandvi as Vish, Kadiff Kirwan as Bradley, and Indira Varma as Charlotte. Apart from the main cast, a couple of new faces will join the show. If the story takes a leap, fresh actors are sure to come on board.

This Way Up Season 3: Release Date

Channel 4 is still to provide a clear picture to the audience. To date, This Way Up Season 3 stands on an unclear status. But, the previous release schedule suggests a renewal soon. If revived by the year’s end, it could drop sometime in 2024. Since scripting, production, and post-production will have to be finalized, a year is a minimum duration for the creators. Thus, 2024 might prove to be a pleasing year for viewers.

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