Young Wallander Season 3
Young Wallander, Netflix

Young Wallander Season 3: Did Netflix Renew The Series? Releasing In 2023?

Kurt Wallander is such a fictional personality that he barely needs an introduction. Touted as the protagonist of several films and novels, Kurt’s investigative skills knows no limitations. Among all the contents, one such show is Young Wallander. The underworld crime and thrilling mysteries form the base of the series. Moreover, it is among the most popular show ever produced by John Mankell and Chris Lunt. Nevertheless, the second season premiered in February 2022. It has been more than a year since Kurt appeared on the screens. Thus, Young Wallander Season 3 has tons of speculation associated with it. If you are also one of the fans searching for it, then you have landed at the right place.

Fans saw the first installment of Young Wallander on September 3, 2020. After a year gap, the sequel landed on February 17, 2022. Moreover, the crime drama revolves around Kurt Wallander. The character serves as the police inspector and is the brainchild of Henning Mankell. Like most of the other shows, Young Wallander focuses on Kurt’s first investigation. It shows both personal and professional aspects of his life.

Will There Be Young Wallander Season 3?

Young Wallander Season 3
Young Wallander, Netflix

It’s been a long time since the creators dropped any statement concerning the third season. The second chapter was announced quickly after the release of the debut installment. But this time, circumstances seem to be the opposite. This is because of several media reports surfacing online. According to the reports, there are no plans to restore the series. It clearly pushes away Young Wallander Season 3 into a dark room. However, there are no announcements for the same. Also, an official cancellation is yet to be announced. Thus, a clear status is still to be revealed.

In addition, there’s another speculation doing rounds on the internet. Some of the market insiders claim about the arrival of Young Wallander Season 3. Moreover, the show somewhat proceeded like an anthology. So, fans have relevant expectations concerning the series’ future. Therefore, the third season is yet to receive a clear picture.

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What Will Happen Next In Young Wallander Season 3?

Season 1 started with Malmö emerging as the prime suspect of an unexpected blast in his neighborhood. One of the people in his nearby house, Lundgren, blew away with a grenade in his mouth. The police department started investigating the case. Soon after the procedures started, Ibra turned out to be the prime suspect.

Young Wallander Season 3
Young Wallander, Netflix

Further, Malmö met the boy’s mother and promised to find out the reasons behind the suspicion. But as he was trying to find out the answers, the police already had a piece of solid evidence against the boy. The officials had found out about his conversation with the victim of the grenade blast. Lundgren’s brutal death gave birth to anti-immigration protests.

The latest season left no major cliffhangers. Also, the count of unanswered questions was nil. In the second season, Kurt became a part of the Major Crimes Unit again. As soon as he joined the team, a new case appeared before him. The case appeared to be a hit-and-run case. Interestingly, the victim of the case had a dark past. An eight years old murder case possessed a connection with the victim. Further, Kurt found something suspicious about the murder case, investigated by Frid Risk earlier. To quench his thirst, Wallander began looking into it. He started investigating it from his own point of view. In the last episode, both cases settle down. The puzzle was finally solved, and the story wrapped up on a clear note.

Since the story finished at a complete point, hence, there are high possibilities for the makers to adopt a new story from the novel. However, then also Kurt Wallander will be the main ingredient. Thus, Young Wallander Season 3 might show up with a unique setting and storyline.

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Who Will Be Returning In The Next Season?

Young Wallander Season 3
Adam Pålsson as Young Wallander

Adam Pålsson will return as Kurt Wallander for sure. Since he has always reprised his character, season 3 might have Adam once again. In addition, Richard Dillane and Ellise Chappell might return as Superintendent Josef Hemberg and Mona, respectively. Apart from these, Leanne Best will step in as Frida Rask alongside Yasen Atour as Reza Al-Rahman. The other cast members who might feature in Young Wallander Season 3 are Charles Mnene, Alan Emrys, and Jacob Collins-Levy. Further new faces can join the cast in the future.

Young Wallander Season 3: Release Date

Netflix doesn’t renew any particular show or series vaguely. It analyzes several angles of the series before announcing the revival. Talking about the Young Wallander, it performed well until season 1. But despite satisfying viewership and popularity, the crime thriller was listed in the Top 10 on Netflix. Even though the second season aired, the position was precisely the same. In addition, being a Swedish show, it successfully ran in Nordic regions. In contrast, Young Wallander failed to attract a significant portion of the worldwide audience. Hence, based on such grounds, plans for season 3 seem to be missing.

Cancellation cannot be confirmed until and unless the creators or Netflix announces in this regard. On the other hand, if the series gets a renewal by 2023, Young Wallander Season 3 might make it to 2024.

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