April 12, 2024
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Back To The Future 4: Returning In 2023? Christopher Lloyd Confirm The Sequel?

Back To The Future 4

Back To The Future is among those American science fiction films that aged incredibly. Ever since the movie was released in 1985, people have showered immense love on the actors. It is considered one of the finest films ever made in Hollywood. Interestingly, the concept of the film was rejected about forty times by different production studios. Universal Picture, however, signed the dotted lines after Zemeckis’s ‘Romancing The Stone’ release. Moreover, the film has sparked two successful follow-ups. Even though the film belongs to the 80s and 90s eras, the craving for Back To The Future 4 is still the same. Lately, the fourth installment of the franchise is in buzz. Here’s why?


Directed by Robert Zemeckis, Back To The Future was filmed primarily in California. After global appreciation and critics’ appraisal, it is regarded as the most fantastic science fiction film ever created. The story revolves around a teenager, Marty McFly, who accidentally travels back in time. His scientist friend, Emmett ‘Doc’ Brown, experimented on an automobile that eventually led Marty back in 1955. The former tries to stop his parents from meeting each other, which would directly affect his existence in the present. Moreover, Back To The Future 4 is also known for its theme song, which bagged the special attention of the audience.

Will There Be Back To The Future 4?

Back To The Future 4
Back To The Future, Universal Pictures

Initially, there were no plans for making sequels to Back To The Future. But Universal Pictures was desperate to come up with more installments. The studio was so impressed with the critical acclaim and audience response that it could not sit back without follow-ups. However, the creators were not willing to participate. They believed that sequels often hamper the main elements of the film. Also, they were worried about the fanbase Back To The Future created so far. Later on, they agreed to work further on the story. The script was so long that the film got split into two future parts. Back To The Future II was released in 1989. Further, 1990 witnessed the release of Back To The Future III.

Talking about Back To The Future 4, there’s no official announcement concerning it. However, it has been more than three decades since the last chapter was released. Thus, there is almost no chance for its return. But, lately, Back To The Future 4 has stemmed significant headlines. Earlier, a couple of media reports claimed it to be in development. Providing more strength to it, a YouTube

video was uploaded in 2022. It was titled BACK TO THE FUTURE 4 (2023) Movie Trailer. Despite being a fan-made trailer, it garnered thousands of views. It gave unexpected hope to the fans, but then everything got settled.

But then, a social media post ignited the fire again. Christopher Llyod, who played the scientist, posted a picture with Michael J. Fox. He captioned the post as Time. Moreover, it was not the first time when he shared a picture with his co-star from Back To The Future. Many a time, several trilogies expand, resulting in more than three installments. Hence, abiding by the same, fans have again started expecting Back To The Future 4. In contrast, it is highly unlikely for the creators to consider another sequel.

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What Did The Trailer Show?

Back To The Future 4

The unofficial trailer showed most of the scenes from the Back to the Future trilogy. It also included scenes from See You Yesterday (Netflix Original Film) and Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One. Michael J. Fox appeared in a cameo role in the former film and then announced his retirement from his acting career. He is seen addressing some students about time travel. While talking about it, he provided shreds of evidence from the trilogy. The amazing compilation of See You Yesterday and Back To The Future felt very nostalgic.

Back To The Future 4: Release Date

Considering the aspects mentioned above, it is pretty clear that fans won’t have Back To The Future 4 in the future. However, many media reports claimed it to be in production. But, the officials did not confirm the same. In addition, Bob Gale opened up on why more sequels cannot happen. In an interview, he said that the story had already been wrapped up completely. Adding to his statement, he uttered that they are reluctant to plan a sequel only for monetary profits.

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