May 30, 2024
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Black Spot Season 3: Renewed? What’s Next For Villefranche?

Black Spot Season 3

While talking about the non-English content, the French series take up the show. One such series packed with supernatural and thrilling elements is Black Spot. With its intriguing two seasons, the show has managed to create a new world for thriller lovers. After Netflix picked up the first season, its popularity rose immensely. Thus, the inculcated dark humor was spread to a large scale of people. Also, the eerie and ominous visuals attracted more and more viewers. Quickly after the international attention, the audience was curious to dig into Black Spot Season 3. Here’s what we know!


Helmed by Mathieu Missoffe, Black Spot debuted on April 10, 2017. In 2019, it was followed by a sequel that premiered on June 14. The series is a bit different when compared to other such content in terms of the story. It is set in a small town where crimes and illegal activities are very common. Moreover, it is not located in the main market, and hence, circumstances slip out of control more easily. Because of its remote location, adverse situations continue to ring bells.

What’s The Status Of Black Spot Season 3?

Black Spot Season 3
Black Spot, Netflix

Undoubtedly, it was a witty move for Netflix to add Black Spot to its library. It not only made Netflix enter the French market but also provided a global engagement to the thriller drama. Nevertheless, the streaming giant makes sure to review the viewership levels before announcing a renewal. Talking about the Black Spot, gained a satisfying number of watchers. So, this factor won’t probably hamper future installments. In addition, Netflix is highly concerned with the overall reception. It gained an IMDB rating of 7.4 stars out of 10. Critics have appreciated the plot planning and the characters’ design. Thus, Black Spot didn’t disappoint the critics and bagged convincing reviews.

As of now, there’s no announcement concerning its renewal. The future of supernatural drama is yet to see the light of day. However, the above-mentioned factors favor the renewal. This clearly means that the doors for Black Spot Season 3 are still open.

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What Would Happen Next In Black Spot Season 3?

The story of Black Spot takes place in a small town, Villefranche. The place was surrounded by darkness, and the thick forests didn’t allow any sunshine to penetrate through it. Thus, the permanent dark environment gave birth to several crimes. All the residents barely witnessed happiness in their past. Leading a life at Villefranche was not considered safe and easy-going. With time, the population declined gradually due to continuous murders in the town.

Black Spot Season 3
Black Spot, Netflix

Things took a drastic turn after a woman’s body was discovered in the woods. It was hanging from a tree, and the cause of death was unknown. To investigate the case, three detectives, led by Major Weiss, took charge of parading through the damp place. At the same time, local D.A. Franck Siriani was also looking into the pile of the murder case. In the next season, the creators might introduce new series of murder cases. There will be more twisted and mysterious in comparison to the previous plot. However, it will be a challenge for the team to prepare a solid story to keep the viewers engaged. On the other hand, there is an equal probability for Black Spot Season 3 to continue from the point it left off.

Who Will Appear In The Next Season?

Suliane Brahim will surely continue playing her role of Laurène Weiss. Hubert Delattre is most likely to reprise his character of Martial Ferrandis. He is popularly known as Teddy Bear in the series. Samuel Jouy would step in again as Bertrand Steiner in the expected forthcoming season. Besides these, Laurent Capelluto and Renaud Rutten could return as Franck Siriani and Louis Hermann, respectively. Apart from them, some additional and new characters will join the cast panel.

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Black Spot Season 3: Release Date

Black Spot Season 3
Black Spot, Netflix

Since there is no announcement regarding the third installment, a concrete release date is not available. Moreover, there are a couple of speculations surfacing online. Keeping in mind the current scenario, we expect Black Spot Season 3 to drop sometime in 2024. If any update appears before it, we will update the section.

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