April 23, 2024
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Vampire Knight Season 3: Release Date Out? Continuing Manga?

Adapting a manga into an anime series is not a new trend. The Japanese anime industry has plenty of such series that find their origin in the manga. Walking on the same path, Vampire Knight manga was also created as an anime series back in 2008. Undoubtedly, it is a must-watch for those who are fond of dark fantasy and romance. So far, the series has had two seasons. The second installment was released the same year, a few months after season 1 aired. However, it has been a long since fans heard any concerning Vampire Knight Season 3.


Even though the manga was not complete, the makers picked it up for an anime series. Vampire Knight received immense popularity, especially among new viewers. Both chapters had 13 episodes each and were intriguing enough to keep the audience hooked up. It revolves around the unimaginable relationship between the vampires and the humans. The series dives into the possibilities of their co-existence in the world.

Will There Ever Be Vampire Knight Season 3?

Vampire Knight Season 3
Vampire Knight

Vampire Knight anime received grand popularity among the otakus. As a result, the anime received a renewal quickly after the release of the debut installment. The first season dropped on April 8, 2008. On the other hand, the sequel appeared before the fans on October 7, 2008. Hence, as soon as the creators were assured and convinced by the series’ performance, Vampire Knight season 1 was renewed. In addition, following the last season, neither the makers nor the studio added any detail to season 3.

Currently, there is no announcement regarding the happening of Vampire Knight Season 3. The future of the series is yet to see the light. Moreover, it has a slim chance of receiving a renewal. Although years have passed since we last saw Yuuki and Zero, fans are not ready to give up on their hope to expect more seasons from the studio. In addition, if the makers planned the same, it could have appeared to date. Also, the story didn’t end on a cliffhanger. Thus, the probabilities are more sunken concerning its aspect.

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What Would Happen In The Next Season?

The story is set in an elite boarding school named Cross Academy. It ran in two different shifts, viz., the day and the night shift. However, things are not in place at the school. The day shift had no abnormalities as it included human students. But vampires have always marked their presence in the other shift. Meanwhile, Yuuki Cross and Zero Kiryuu crossed paths. They didn’t want their secret of attending the night classes to reveal before the students.

Vampire Knight Season 3
Vampire Knight

Yuuki had a strong background as she belonged to the family of the Cross Academy’s chairman. Despite being an adopted daughter, their relationship was healthy. She was quite interested in playing her role of ‘Guardian.’ Apart from it, her daily chores helped her to have some chit-chat with her crush, Kaname Kuran. In contrast, Zero never found his job joyful. He always wished to destroy the vampire students as he developed a deep hate feeling for them.

Eventually, Zero killed one of the students from the vampire community. Thus, they were in anger and deliberately wanted an act of revenge. Since his deeds were apparently a crime, the community ordered the vampires to kill Zero for the murder he committed. If the anime returns, Vampire Knight Season 3 will take forward the original story. More shocking revelations and death-taking action sequences are bound to return.

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Vampire Knights Season 3 Release Date

Vampire Knight Season 3
Vampire Knight

As days pass by, the speculations for Vampire Knights Season 3 are getting older. Earlier, it was expected to hit the screens before the pandemic. But, now, providing an exact duration cannot be stated. Fans are still to receive an update, therefore, nothing confirmed can be said. Moreover, if it gets revived by 2023, luckily, the third season can release sometime in 2024. Till then, stay tuned to TECH RADAR!

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