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One Of Us Is Lying Season 3: Did Peacock Renew The Show?

In the past few years, several series have shown up that has been adapted from a novel. Moreover, the percentage of such series belonging to the mystery genre is the highest. Based n the novel of the same name, One Of Us Is Lying is one of those teen mystery series. The intriguing suspense behind Simon’s death was interesting enough to keep the audience hooked up. The first season was released in 2021 and was quickly renewed for another season. Post season 2’s release, One Of Us Is Lying Season 3 became a hot topic of discussion among the fans. Here’s what we know!

Produced by Brian Leslie Parker, the teen mystery series opened up to positive critical reviews. The pace of the story was appreciated by many of the viewers. Moreover, the story circulates around five teenage students. All of them had already received detention from the school’s authority. Among the group, Simon ran an online group, particularly for gossip. Suddenly his death pushes the other students into trouble.

Will There Be One Of Us Is Lying Season 3?

One Of Us Is Lying, Peacock

Peacock’s One Of Us Is Lying has satisfying high viewership levels. In addition, critics have appreciated various aspects of the teen show. The second season, however, deviated from the main plot. Nevertheless, fans were already anticipating the release of the third installment. But, to their disappointment, Peacock canceled the series after two seasons. It was on January 20, 2023, when the broadcast platform officially announced the cancellation. Even though the last chapter wrapped up on a murderous cliffhanger, the officials don’t intend to plan season 3.

Well, Deadline reported that the team was not convinced by the viewers’ count. They were delighted to see the progress of the story, but the viewership pulled back their plan of developing future seasons. Moreover, if the show had performed better, the probability of One Of Us Is Lying Season 3 would have been high. On the other hand, if the drama is picked up with another network, fans could potentially witness a new installment. Currently, both seasons are available on Netflix for international audiences.

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What Could Have Happened In One Of Us Is Lying Season 3?

In the last episode, Fiona tried her best to find out Jake’s killer. Meanwhile, the group of students was tracing evidence against Fiona because they did not want Addy to show up. But when they failed to find any such proof, they went for another plan. The group decided to push Fiona by other means. Jake’s hair sample was placed on her costume. In addition, some guns were placed in her car while some inline files were transferred to her father’s system.

One Of Us Is Lying, Peacock

Maeve, on the other hand, warned the students about the lack of fingerprints on the gun. But no one gave much attention to her. Later on, Maeve disclosed the entire plan and narrated everything to Fiona. The latter was furious and shocked to hear about it. Since both were sailing on a yacht, Fiona burnt it. However, lastly, Fiona was taken into custody and put behind bars. As the climax approached, another trouble knocked on the door on graduation day.

The expected upcoming season would have addressed the exact incident of the graduation day. What will happen to Bronwyn? Will Simon Says return? These were the few queries that One Of Us Is Lying Season 3 might have answered next.

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One Of Us Is Lying Season 3: Release Date

One Of Us Is Lying, Peacock

The previous release pattern depicts that the third season had the chance to hit the screens in 2023. However, the cancellation washed away every speculation fans made to date. Moreover, if the series is miraculously renewed, it would take a couple of years to appear. Meanwhile, we will update the section as soon as we come across any updates regarding One Of Us Is Lying Season 3. Till then, enjoy watching the series on Netflix and stay tuned with us!

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