Ratched Season 2
Ratched, Netflix

Ratched Season 2: Releasing In 2023? Development Updates?

Special thanks to Evan Romansky; because of him, viewers have got to watch an original story in the form of Ratched. Prior to its release on Netflix, the series juggled on various platforms. In the race to sign the streaming rights, Hulu and Apple were also the frontrunners. Eventually, Netflix won over, and Ratched aired in September 2020. The psychological thriller received mixed reviews. A couple of platforms said it to one of the emptiest efforts of Ryan Murphy. Moreover, the series ended with a climax hinting at another season. Therefore, fans are eager to know about Ratched Season 2 and other details related to it.

The eight-episodes-long season debuted on September 18, 2020. Touted as a prequel series to 1975’s One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Ratched has shown a different take on Nurse Mildred. The story is centered on the titular character, Ratched. It depicts her origin and earlier works at a psychiatric hospital. She always presents herself as a perfect nurse, but things are not the same as they seem to be.

Will There Be Ratched Season 2?

Ratched Season 2
Ratched, Netflix

Initially, Netflix has already ordered two seasons of Ratched. Hence, it is already confirmed that Ratched Season 2 is happening. However, more details on the same have not been revealed yet. When the first installment aired, fans expected it to release soon in the coming months. But, even today, there are no recent updates that can quench their thirst. Even Netflix didn’t drop any piece of news saying its current status. Thus, undoubtedly, Ratched Season 2 has been greenlit and might happen soon. Besides this, according to media insiders, the second season is expected to have ten episodes.

Moreover, the series has a high chance of concluding with the second season. Hence, the probability of more seasons in the future seems less. In addition to it, the pre-order of seasons already confirms that the team will work on the scripts and production accordingly. The creators will barely bear any changes in the final schedules.

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What Will Happen In Ratched Season 2?

The last episode saw Ratched and Gwendolyn pleading for mercy to Edmund. But the governor denied all their requests. The court ordered his death by means of an electric chair. Surprisingly, the nurse came up with a plan where; she decided to kill Edmund. On the other hand, Charlotte arrived at the hospital and claimed to save him. Since she assumed herself as Hanover, Charlotte was confident in rescuing him from the court’s order of execution.

Ratched Season 2
Ratched, Netflix

Meanwhile, Charlotte began acting aggressively, and anger dominated her. As soon as a gun landed in her hand from Hanover’s desk, she attacked Huck. He was killed along with a guard who was also shot by her. Ultimately, her goal is fulfilled as Charlotte succeeds in saving Edmund. The latter met Bucket and forced him to utter Ratched’s plan. Both of them exited the place and disappeared. The story then took a leap of three years when Edmund called Ratched. He promised to kill her, but Ratched answered him fearlessly. In response to his threat, she said he would be in her control before he could try anything against her.

The second season will be a cat-and-mouse chase as Edmund and Ratched would go after each other. They will collide and fight with every possible effort. Moreover, Mildred Ratched might evolve into a villainous character that One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest already portrayed.

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Who Will Return In The Next Season?

Ratched Season 2

Sarah Paulson will return to the serious and intense role of Mildred Ratched. Without her, the series will have no reason to be called successful. Finn Wittrock would appear as the on-screen brother of Ratched, Edmund Tolleson. In addition to them, Sophie Okonedo and Cynthia Nixon are almost confirmed to be back as Charlotte Wells and Gwendolyn Briggs. Apart from them, a few new faces might join as well.

Ratched Season 2: Release Date

As of now, there’s no release date announced for the second season. It has already been almost three years since season 1 was released. However, fans are expecting it to drop sometime by the end of 2023. Nevertheless, we will let you know as soon as a confirmed date shows up.

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