April 17, 2024
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A Bug’s Life 2: Sequel On Cards! Releasing This Year?

A Bug's Life 2

When the computer-animated film was just a dream, Disney and Pixar came up with a brilliant story narrating ants’ lives and their struggle. Its unique and inspiring storyline left fans yearning for more. But after A Bug’s Life premiere in 1998, its return became a dream for everyone. However, Pixar has finally broken the silence on A Bug’s Life 2. So, is it planning to return with its sequel? Well, fans have been eager to know this answer as many want to explore the world of Flix and his beloved friends. So, without wasting any time, let’s head straight to know what the future holds for A Bug’s Life 2.


Pixar’s A Bug’s Life follows the struggle of a colony of ants. Every summer, they were forced to give their harvested food to the bullying grasshoppers gang led by Hopper. However, Flik suggested to fight against those grasshopers. But because of his clumsy demeanor, his friends and family members always doubted the spirited ant. Still, he was determined to help the colony, leading him to a group of people who worked in a circus. Shortly, his encounter with them changed everything, helping him to deal with the bullies.

A Bug’s Life 2: Latest News

Pixar’s A Bug’s Life premiered back in 1998, and since then, the animation studio hasn’t dropped any news regarding the sequel. But several rumors suggest that A Bug’s Life 2 is on the cards. And do you know Pixar itself started the rumor mill? Indeed! Pixar has recently dropped its plans for its upcoming projects, and its X (formerly known as Twitter) post hints at a possible A Bug’s Life 2. Keep reading to learn the details!

A Bug's Life 2
Pixar, A Bug’s Life

Will There Be A Bug’s Life 2?

It’s been 25 years- indeed TWENTY-FIVE years- since A Bug’s Life premiered on theatre. Can you believe it? And still, there’s no news regarding A Bug’s Life 2. The film gained a massive fan following and was a blockbuster hit soon after it hit the theatre. Its box office performance was enormous, as it made $363.3 million over a budget of $120 million. Not only this, but the film also gained a brilliant reception. On Rotten Tomatoes, it gained 92%, while on IMDb, it earned 7.2 stars.

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In fact, the movie brutally beat its rival, Antz, which is said to have a similar concept. Despite this, Pixar hasn’t announced its decision to revisit the film. Do you know A Bug’s Life was the second computer-animated film by Pixar Animation Studios? And its remarkable performance made it stand out even in today’s animated films. Even though the movie ended with a note “to be continued,” Pixar never explored Filk’s world again. Well, its fans have been waiting for the day Filk and his team return for the next adventure after their revenge on the grasshopper. But will it remain a dream only?

A Bug's Life 2
A Bug’s Life

Pixar Gave A Vague Hint

While A Bug’s Life fans have been waiting for an official announcement, Pixar’s post stunned everyone. Back in 2018, Pixar shared a picture of Princess Dot looking down from a petal. Although the studio didn’t give a proper explanation, many doubted that it could be a hint at something more. Even the post captioned: “Try a new perspective” made everyone believe Pixar hinted at A Bug’s Life 2. Soon after the post, many fans started questioning whether A Bug’s Life 2 is on the cards. However, Pixar never confirmed it, and now it’s been five years, and the studio has yet to drop any updates regarding its sequel.

Is A Bug’s Life 2 In The Production Stage?

While Pixar hasn’t confirmed its plan for A Bug’s Life 2, the news suggests the film is in its early production stage. As per the source, the sequel is the upcoming American 3D computer-animated film and will be Pixar’s 25th feature film. But the studio hasn’t confirmed this news. Well, there are plenty of rumors surfacing on the internet hinting at A Bug’s Life 2 release date and its production status. However, it turns out that all the news is a hoax. This is because Pixar never made any official statement regarding its sequel.

Why Pixar Never Revisited A Bug’s Life 2?

There are plenty of reasons Pixar never re-explored A Bug’s Life. Let’s begin with its feud with DreamWorks. When Jobs and his team learned about Jeffrey’s project, a public feud erupted between Pixar’s Steve Jobs and John Lasseter and DreamWorks’ Jeffrey Katzenberg. The team remained dismayed when they heard DreamWorks was working on the same project as theirs, leading to public actuation for copying their storyline. While Pixar remained firm in its decision and beat its rival film at the box office, this rivalry somewhat affected A Bug’s Life.

A Bug's Life 2
Pixar, Production Details- A Bug’s Life 2

Another big reason for not exploring A Bug’s Life was Pixar’s other film, Toy Story. Well, the Toy Story franchise has a huge name in the entertainment industry as it has had four successful movies till now. And somewhat, Toy Story overshadowed A Bug’s Life. As soon after A Bug’s Life premiere, Pixar started working on Toy Story 2. Later on, the studio never revisited Flik’s world, while it continued to return with more Toy Story movies.

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A Bug’s Life 2: Revenge Of The Grasshoppers: Storyline Out!

Although the studio house hasn’t revealed whether the movie will return for another sequel, fans have started speculating how the next chapter will unfold. As per speculation, A Bug’s Life 2 will explore right after Hopper’s passing. If you remember, the wild birds ate him in the final moment. So, his passing could play a significant role in brewing a revenge spree against Flik and his ant colony.

Now, Flik has gained recognition as the colony’s greatest inventor on Ant Island. Atta has taken over the island, claiming the throne after the passing of the former queen from a heart stroke- since the actor portraying the former queen passed away. Now that everything has become peaceful, the ants prepare for a harvest festival. Unbeknownst to them, the grasshoppers return to destroy everything. The rebel team is believed to be led by a new leader, Hopper Jr., the late Hopper’s son.

A Bug's Life 2
Pixar, A Bug’s Life 2: Revenge Of The Grasshoppers

So, now he’s planning to take revenge on ants. He also plans to marry Atta and become the next King of Ant Island. This proposition threatens everyone. However, Flik reassures the Ant colony that he won’t let Hopper Jr. and his grasshoppers take control of their colony. Meanwhile, Francis heads into the love island with a new female ladybug, Scarlet. She is the one for him, and there’s no going back.

A Bug’s Life 2: Expected Release Date

For the time being, Pixar hasn’t announced A Bug’s Life 2. So, it remains unclear when the animation studio will return with its 1998 film. But considering its vague hints, there’s a slight chance it may return with its sequel sooner. As of now, it is quite tricky to guess when this day will come. But we will update this section as soon as we hear any official announcement. Till then, stay with TechRadar247

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