April 13, 2024
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The Midnight Gospel Season 2: Duncan Trussell Reveals The Reason Behind Cancelation!

The Midnight Gospel Season 2

Fans of Adventure Time already know how brilliantly the creator Pendleton Ward pulls off his creation. So when he brought The Midnight Gospel to its audience plate, nobody dared to miss it. The show focused on extra-dimensional beings and how their world met an end. But the series ended on a cryptic note leaving fans to wonder whether their favorite space caster will return for The Midnight Gospel Season 2. Well, it’s been almost three years since the series debuted, and the show’s hype keeps growing. But recently, the series creator Duncan Trussell dropped jolting news. So without wasting time, let’s head straight to see what he’s up to now.


Netflix’s adult animated series The Midnight Gospel follows the misadventure of a space caster, Clancy Gilroy. Well, the actual story sets on the podcast interviews between comedian Duncan Trussell and his several guests. As per the storyline, Clancy, who lives in the Chromatic Ribbon, travels through different planets to learn more about his world. During this time, he interviews many guests within the simulator. The series used the actual voices of the guests of Trussell’s podcasts. However, the show ends with an apocalyptic event, leaving Clancy’s fate in limbo. So will it happen? Let’s see.

The Midnight Gospel Season 2: Recent Update

Adventure Time creator Pendleton Ward took the animation fans to the weirdest yet most entertaining adventure in his latest series, The Midnight Gospel. The series was released in 2020, becoming the most-viewed series for its fantastic storyline and unique characters. But the streaming giant remained mum regarding The Midnight Gospel Season 2 until 2022. Last year, the series showrunner Duncan Trussell finally confirmed the future of the series. Keep reading to know what it is.

The Midnight Gospel Season 2

The Midnight Gospel Season 2: Renewal Status

Netflix dropped the first season in 2020, and soon after its debut, the series gained immense popularity. It received an incredible response from the critics as well as the audiences. Many critics said the series is “creative, thought-provoking, stunning, beautiful, amazing, and funny,” while others called it “surprisingly deep.” In fact, the show garnered a positive reception of 91% on Rotten Tomatoes. It also holds an 8.2 on IMDb. Not only did the series perform well on such platforms, but it also secured a slot in Netflix’s Top 10s.

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Despite the series performing best in regions like Bulgaria, Ukraine, and Russia, it failed to attract an audience from the United States. However, Netflix never officially announced The Midnight Gospel Season 2. In fact, the cancelation news came from Duncan Trussell, who responded on a Twitter thread. There he revealed that Netflix canceled the series just after its first season. It was pretty disappointing for the fans as well as Trussell, who stated that there should be one more season. But Netflix made its decision, and he respected it.

The Midnight Gospel Season 2

Creator Envisioned It For More Seasons

Before the cancelation news, the creator Trussell stated in an interview that they barely scratched the surface of their world. They would love to explore the show and make a million more episodes because they have many things to cover. As of now, they only covered the basic world of the Chromatic Ribbon as they didn’t get into the Ribbon, and Trussell voiced his desire to explore the world where the protagonist enters the Ribbon. But back then, everyone was waiting for the streaming giant’s announcement. During that time, Trussell said that he hoped some magical powers or connections to Netflix could give them a second season. But it never happened.

The Midnight Gospel Season 2

Reason Behind The Midnight Gospel Season 2 Cancelation

While speaking to Inverse, Trussell revealed the reason behind the series’ cancelation. He said that he guessed it could be a simple business decision. The creator shed light on the cost of animation and said it is expensive, and that’s why Netflix axed the series. But he had no hard feelings as the streaming giant let them make The Midnight Gospel. Trussell also highlighted that the reason behind the cancelation could be its viewership. Although the show attracted hefty viewership, it didn’t gain attention as much as Stranger Things. And Netflix here is looking for brilliant series that can gather such viewership.

The Midnight Gospel Season 2

The Midnight Gospel Didn’t Explore What It Promised

One big reason why Netflix canceled shows like The Midnight Gospel is they didn’t use the pilot model. Instead, Netflix orders the show, then listed in its streaming list, gauge interest from subscribers, and leaves the decision to the streaming giant for its future run. Basically, the renewal decision is based on viewership metrics. But surprisingly, the streaming giant has changed the renewal criteria, and now the viewership criteria are stricter than before.

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Well, this is because Netflix lost almost 1 million subscribers in Q2 last year. It also caused 100s of employees to lose their jobs. So there’s eventually been some budgetary slicing, and the shows that don’t meet the criteria are being axed quickly. And now Trussell words make sense that there’s a specific price tag, and when the show fails to justify the production costs, Netflix quickly cancels it as it logically makes sense. However, Trussell respects Netflix’s decision, although he didn’t get a chance to cover the depths of Chromatic Ribbon.

The Midnight Gospel Season 2

Will The Midnight Gospel Season 2 Ever Return?

Well, Netflix has already canceled the show just after one season. However, it doesn’t mean the show won’t return on another platform. It has many parallels with Tuca & Bertie, which was axed by its parent network. But the series got revived by HBO Max. So it could be with The Midnight Gospel Season 2 as well. But it can only happen when the series contract with Netflix gets concluded. Currently, The Midnight Gospel is still available to stream on Netflix. So it will take a longer time to return to another home.

The Midnight Gospel Season 2

Fans Signed Petition To Revive The Midnight Gospel

Soon after Trussell confirmed the cancelation news, the avid fans started a campaign to revive their favorite show. The series undoubtedly had a huge fanbase. Everyone loved its tipsy yet compelling storyline. And they want to explore more and what happens in the Chromatic Ribbon. So shortly after the cancelation news, they signed a petition on Change.org to revive the series and to return with The Midnight Gospel Season 2. It currently has almost 11,818 signatures, and the count keeps on increasing. This is all for now. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated. 

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