Anatomy Of A Scandal Season 2

Anatomy Of A Scandal Season 2: Netflix Hints At Possible Cancelation!

As the name suggests, scandals take over the control of the character’s lives in the series, Anatomy Of A Scandal. The American thriller series is packed with adrenaline-pumping, thrilling scenes. Eyebrow-raising tales of sexual assault and awful crimes have made the show stand out of the queue. It premiered originally on Netflix in 2020. Touted as a limited series, the political thriller drama is being speculated to have another season. Ever since the first installment aired, fans began demanding future chapters. Thus, Anatomy Of A Scandal Season 2 has been in buzz for a long time.

Adapted from Sarah Vaughan’s bestselling novel of the same name, the show had six episodes. Developed by the creator of Big Little Lies and Big Sky, Anatomy Of A Scandal revolves around a political scandal. Sophie Whitehouse’s husband has an affair with his assistant, Olivia. The extramarital affair somehow reaches the public, and Sophie’s life turns into a nightmare. Her husband, James, is later accused of Olivia’s rape and sexual assault. Moreover, the Netflix series features an ensemble cast, including Sienna Miller and Rupert Friend.

Will There Be Anatomy Of A Scandal Season 2?

Anatomy Of A Scandal Season 2
Anatomy Of A Scandal, Netflix

Presently, there are announcements that confirm the happening of Anatomy Of A Scandal Season 2. As of now, neither the makers nor the streaming giant has said anything in this regard. Thus, the future of the series is still uncertain. However, certain factors are doing rounds on the internet, suggesting valid reasons as to why fans lack a formal statement to date.

According to the reports, the drama has been regarded as a limited series by the streaming platform. Thus, it clearly means that it doesn’t intend to make future chapters. In addition to this, the court case was settled in the first batch of episodes. So, the story also concluded fully rounded irrespective of the fact whether it ended on a convincing note or fans were disappointed. Thus, the chances for Anatomy Of A Scandal to return with a brand new season.

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What Would Happen In The Next Episode?

In the last episode, Kate and Sophie had a distinct conversation at a meeting. They exchanged strange looks, and their talks were confusing to the fans. Kate constantly denied the fact of knowing Sophie. Lastly, the latter left the room and was convinced of her identity as Holly Berry. She then reached home, where she confronted James’ dark truth. James revealed that he, along with Tom, was somehow involved in the case of Alec’s death. Tom’s job was to provide drugs to Alec while James was into clearing all the evidence. Based on all the proofs and reports, the court declared James free.

Anatomy Of A Scandal Season 2
Anatomy Of A Scandal, Netflix

Interestingly, James played a trick to prove himself innocent in the court trial. He secretly called Olivia and then planned accordingly. Upon telling Sophie about it, she decided to leave him. Later on, she went to meet Kate, and the latter accused James of trying to rape her. At the same time, Sophie said that she opened up in the media about James and Tom concerning their involvement in Alec’s death case. As a result, both of them were arrested and jailed. The ending scene saw Kate continuing her job as a prosecutor while Sophie departed to another country with her children.

As far as the season 2 narrative is concerned, it might continue from a new point. The debut installment already wrapped the story leaving no major questions behind. Thus, the possibility for the second chapter to continue with a fresh plot is high. Fans can witness prominent changes in Sophie’s life as she starts living in the new country.

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Is Anatomy Of A Scandal Based On A True Story?

The series finds its roots in the novel of the same name, written by Sarah Vaughan. Most of the dramatic events are inspired by the novel, but the book has been framed with reference to real-life incidents. Author Sarah revealed that she took inspiration from two true stories that became the headlines of British newspapers. While talking about the same to The Guardian, Sarah mentioned Boris Johnson’s that led to his dismissal from the Conservative front bench in 2004 because he lied about his extramarital affair. Secondly, she spoke about the soccer player Ched Evans who was jailed for a rape case in 2014. However, years later, he was not found accused and was released from arrest.

Who Will Return In The Anatomy Of A Scandal Season 2?

Anatomy Of A Scandal Season 2
Anatomy Of A Scandal, Netflix

The first season featured several talented actors in the cast. Sienna Miller played the role of Sophie Whitehouse. Rupert Friend was cast in the role of James Whitehouse. Other than these actors, Michelle Dockery and Naomi Scott appeared as Kate Woodcroft and Olivia Lytton, respectively. In addition, Josette Simon portrayed the character of Angela Regan, while Joshua McGuire stepped in as Chris Clarke. Nevertheless, most of the main characters from the previous season have the potential to return in the second season.

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Anatomy Of A Scandal Season 2: Release Date

Currently, a date has not been booked by the makers for the release of the second season. Since an announcement is yet to show up, a confirmed date has not appeared. Moreover, it does not seem like the makers are planning to develop another season. Nevertheless, if it gets restored by this year, we might have the release of Anatomy Of A Scandal Season 2 in 2024.