April 23, 2024
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Tiny Pretty Things Season 2: Check Out Why Netflix Canceled The Show!

Tiny Pretty Things Season 2

Ballet dance and lots of drama with the cutthroat competition are what Tiny Pretty Things is all about. The endless ballet moves and a few elements of scandals keep the audience engaged till the end. The storyline has dragged viewers with its solid moves. Moreover, this teen drama series opened up to mixed reviews. Tiny Pretty Things debuted on Netflix in 2020 amid the global pandemic. As soon as the first season was made available, the curiosity among the fans concerning Tiny Pretty Things Season 2 was at its height.


Based on a novel by Sona Charaipotra and Dhonielle Clayton, Tiny Pretty Things revolves around the students, instructors, and performers of a ballet school situated in Chicago. Interestingly, all the dance performances in the series are done by the actors themselves. The body doubles were not used in the making of the series. Created by Michael MacLennan, the drama proved to be an addictive one for those who love mystery, along with teen melodrama.

Will There Be Tiny Pretty Things Season 2?

Tiny Pretty Things Season 2
Tiny Pretty Things, Netflix

Fans have waited a long way to hear an announcement confirming the renewal of Tiny Pretty Things. However, sadly, there won’t be any such statement in the future. This is because the steaming giant has already cleared out every speculation. It canceled the series after the first season. Thus, Tiny Pretty Things Season 2 is not happening anytime in the forthcoming months. Moreover, it didn’t show up with a justified answer behind the unexpected cancellation of the project.

Specifically, Netflix quietly shelved another season of the show as fans didn’t receive a public statement. Instead, an online video posted on YouTube by Brennan Clost mentioned the same. Besides this, the actor also opened up about why the team decided not to make any formal declaration. He said Netflix was not willing to say anything as the contents on its platform are evergreen. It was quite possible for the people not to watch even the first season if they got to know about the cancellation. Adding to his statement, Brennan commented that the cast and the official team also discussed the same about it quietly because of it. Thus, the second season will not be moving further at Netflix.

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What Would Have Happened In Tiny Pretty Things Season 2?

As the climax was approaching, the drama was getting more and more captivating. Cassie recovered and was finally out of the coma. After she gained consciousness, she realized that her fall was not an accident anymore. Cassie confirmed that it was none other than Delia who pushed her so badly. The latter liked Ramon, who shared a relationship with Cassie. So, it became unacceptable for Delia, and she did everything out of jealousy.

Tiny Pretty Things Season 2

Shockingly, Delia’s mother knew the conspiracy but did nothing, even when she framed Bette. The end became more dramatic and mysterious after Cassie returned to the school. In the final scene, the makers reveal Ramon’s death. He was stabbed with a sharp knife embedded in his chest.

In the second season, we could have got the answer to who killed Ramon and why. Moreover, a lot of premises were left to be discovered as the sequel to the novel has an ample amount of storylines. It was likely for season 2 to adapt its story from the second book in the series, ‘Shiny Broken Pieces.’

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Who Might Have Returned In The Next Season?

In the first season, Brennan Clost appeared in the role of Shane McRae, a gay dancer. Damon J. Gillespie essayed the character of Caleb Wick, while Barton Cowperthwaite portrayed Oren Lennox. Kylie Jefferson, Anna Maiche, and Tory Trowbridge were seen as Neveah Stroyer, Cassie Shore, and Delia Whitlaw, respectively. Besides them, Casimere Jollette joined the cast to play Bette Whitlaw.

Tiny Pretty Things Season 2
Tiny Pretty Things, Netflix

Lastly, Daniela Norman as June Park and Michael Hsu Rosen as Nabil Limyadi completed the list of the main cast. Hence, Tiny Pretty Things Season 2 would have marked the return of the main characters. However, one of the characters who was no more going to appear in the future was Ramon Costa, played by Bayardo De Murguia. Since season 1 saw his death in the final episode, there’s no chance of him appearing in the next chapter.

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Tiny Pretty Things Season 2: Release Date

If the cancellation had not been announced, season 2 would have been released by the last year. On the other hand, it was also possible for the second chapter to arrive in 2023. But since fans’ hope has already been washed away, such speculations are baseless. However, if Tiny Pretty Things is shopped by another platform, it can receive a renewal. Moreover, the probability of such a condition is pretty less. Nevertheless, you can head on to Netflix to catch up on the previous episodes. Till then, stay updated with TECH RADAR 247!

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