April 14, 2024
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Kelly McGillis Weight Loss: Top Gun Star’s Before & After Transformation

Kelly McGillis Weight Loss

When Top Gun: Maverick was announced, Tom Cruise jumped to the top of the search results. But it was not only the actor who took away all the limelight. Kelly McGillis returned to the buzz as well. She played the main female lead in 1986’s Top Gun but didn’t show up in the latest venture. Although, the American actress is in the headlines because of her recent transformation. Her latest pictures depict a significant weight loss, and thus, fans are wondering how she did it so effectively. Here we have got everything covered about Kelly McGillis weight loss.


Kelly has received prestigious nominations at the BAFTA and Golden Globe. Moreover, she acted in several films in her career and was also featured in many television shows. She debuted in Reuben, but her breakout role was as Rachel Lapp in ‘Witness.’ Lately, she has appeared in a couple of horror films; We Are What We Are, Stake Land, and The Innkeepers.

Kelly McGillis Weight Loss

Kelly McGillis Weight Loss
Kelly McGillis

When she kicked off her career, Kelly was known for her perfect physique and chic personality. At her young age, she was healthy, but as days passed, the actress remained no longer possessed the same body structure. She entered the stage of obesity and looked pretty fat. Anyways, the Top Gun actress’ recent photographs say a lot about her weight loss. She is now 65 years old, and her fans still keep an eye on every change she goes through. After spotting her latest pictures, fans are claiming she has recently lost a considerable amount of weight than before.

The popular personality currently weighs around 74 kg and is about 5″ 10′ tall. A body’s weight is very much dependent on bone density, height, and BMI. Thus, Kelly mentioned that her current weight is perfect in accordance with her size, height, and body mass index. In addition, she accepted that her glamorous look existed no longer. Kelly commented about the aging process and natural changes that a body goes through as one becomes older.

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Is She Dieting For Her Weight Loss?

Kelly McGillis Weight Loss
Kelly McGillis

While the film industry is such a field that requires a perfect and attractive body figure to meet the expectations of the fans, most of the actors undergo vigorous physical exercises and stick themselves to limited food. But Kelly McGillis is such an actress who never felt underconfident because of her weight. Her fans never saw her tensed or disappointed, but the actress, herself, has expressed her concern about the bulky weight.

Talking about dieting, there are no media reports that claim the actress to be following a strict diet. On the other hand, McGillis also denied such speculation. Instead, she opened up about reducing her calorie intake by seriously focusing on her regular eating habits. Cutting out the calorie intake has worked well for her. Earlier, her food intake was about 2000 calories. But, now Kelly has started to consume only 1200 calories in a day. She began eating fresh vegetables and eliminated processed foods. Kelly McGillis indulged herself in various exercises. She did aerobic exercises and also tried jogging.

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Why Did Kelly McGillis Not Return In The Top Gun: Maverick?

When Top Gun: Maverick was officially announced, the fans o Tom Cruise lost their cool and eagerly for its release. However, on the other hand, Kelly McGillis was no longer his love interest in the film. She was replaced by Jennifer Connelly. Moreover, when asked about her not being approached for the sequel, she revealed the reasons publicly.

Kelly McGillis Weight Loss
Kelly McGillis And Tom Cruise In Top Gun

Earlier, Kelly said that her looks might be one of the major reasons why she was not called for the sequel. It is quite possible that the filmmakers searched for a fit actress, and her weight and old face could have rejected her. In 2019, while speaking to ET, she said that her age and looks were appropriate. In addition, she commented about her being comfortable with how she is actually. Apart from it, the Top Gun actress was in contact with any of the cast members. Further, she was asked about Jennifer joining the cast while she was not even called. Upon this, Kelly answered straightforwardly and expressed her happiness for Jennifer getting such a big opportunity.

In contrast, director Joseph Kosinski was asked about the same. He answered that Kelly McGillis was never considered for the sequel. The story demanded newness, and he was not willing to take the plot back. It was quite possible with the entry of fresh faces. Thus, he found it a great opportunity to introduce Jennifer as Tom Cruise’s love interest in the movie.

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