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Boys Planet Season 2: New Boy Band Set To Debut Under Hybe?

K-variety shows are popular nowadays, and one such show is Boys Planet. It has recently wrapped up its broadcast, and fans can’t get off the show so quickly. Although they finally learned about the next idol group, they were still looking forward to more contestants. It also made them curious to know the fate of Boys Planet Season 2. Fans have already waited for Girls Planet 999 to return to their screen. So their worry and curiosity for the next season of Boys Planet make sense. So now, without wasting time, let’s head straight to see what Mnet is planning for Boys Planet Season 2.

The Mnet reality competition Boys Planet focused on male contestants from all around the world. The space theme of the show was the two groups of contestants, G-group and K-group, had to compete with each other. Throughout the show, they were guided by Seven Star Masters, who helped them in their respective challenges. The show mainly focused on showing off their rapping, dancing, and singing skills. After each round, the audience had to vote for their favorite trainees who would determine their fate.

Boys Planet Season 2: Latest Update

The final episode of Boys Planet aired on April 20, 2023, which revealed the final members of the new boy band group named Zerobaseone. The hype for their debut is making rounds on the internet, and Mnet is all set to launch this new boy band in the upcoming months. So the network is currently working on it. Thus there’s no news regarding Boys Planet Season 2. However, it doesn’t mean that the network won’t make an official announcement soon. So keep reading to learn the possibility of its return.

Boys Planet Season 2

Boys Planet Season 2: Renewal Status

The first season of the variety show just wrapped up airing last week, and fans are already curious to know the show’s fate. The show brought several aspirants together, working on a single dream to become the next idol. However, only a few got a chance to live that dream. While fans were delighted by their performance and result, many wondered about the fate of Boys Planet Season 2. Well, Boys Planet received solid reception. It gained 8 stars on MyDramaList and was the most-watched variety show in Seoul.

Thus considering this, the network may return with Boys Planet Season 2. But as of now, Mnet hasn’t made an official renewal announcement. Typically the network takes a couple of years to announce its plan based on the slot availability. But it doesn’t mean that it won’t return with another season. This is because the K-pop industry is expanding, and they keep inviting new people. Further, the previous generation idols are following their military enlistment, so the industry is looking to return with new boy bands. So there’s ample reason for Boys Planet to return.

Hybe Entertainment President Hinted The Fate Of The Industry

Hybe Co. Ltd President Bang Si-hyuk has recently shared that they are looking to return with new idols after the military enlistment of BTS’ J-hope. During the interview, he discussed the chances of expanding the K-pop industry. So as many of the third-generation K-pop idols are preparing for military enlistment, it’s time to bring the limelight to the fourth generation. As of now, only a few girl and boy bands have made their way to debut. So deeming this statement, we are safe to say that Boys Planet Season 2 will return soon.

Will It Return With The Girl Version Of Boys Planet?

Technically, Boys Planet was the second season of Girls Planet 999, released in 2021. While fans expected to see new talented girl trainees showcase their skills, they were delighted with what they got. However, instead of returning with the next girls’ trainees, Mnet returned with the male version of Girls Planet. Considering the pattern, Mnet may return with Girls Planet Season 2. Although it has yet to announce this news, let’s cross our fingers.

What Happened In The Boys Planet Season Finale?

The finale began with a memorial title card for Moonbin, who died a day before the finale. It then shifted its focus to the show where all the final contestants performed “Here I Am,” after which Star Master Hwang Min-hyun announced the new boy band name. It was Zerobaseone (ZB1) and then revealed the second half of the final voting. The trainees were then shown practicing on their last challenge, and it was later announced that Zhang Hao would replace Seok Matthew while Sung Hanbin would stay in his position in the “Jelly Pop” performance.

Followed by their performance, the next group performed on “Hot Summer.” After the live voting session ended, the trainees got on the stage to perform their final performance on the song titled “Not Alone.” Finally, the time came when the Star Master announced the final members of the debut group. They started with rank 8: Kim Ji-Woong, who became the first official member of ZB1—followed by Kim Gyu-vin, Park Gun-wook, Kim Tae-rae, Ricky, and Seok Matthew. Zhang Hao overtook Sung Han-bin’s position and became a group member; lastly, Han Yu-jin joined the group as the final member.

Boys Planet Season 2: Release Date

As of now, Mnet has yet to renew Boys Planet Season 2. However, considering the popularity of K-pop idols and the industry is rapidly growing, we can expect the network to announce its announcement soon. Further, Boys Planet took two years to return to the screen after its prequel series. So based on the timeframe, we can expect the same with Boys Planet Season 2. This is all for now. We will update you as soon as we learn the official news. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.

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