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Burden Of Truth Season 5: Boss Talks About Reason Behind The Delay!

While it’s gratifying to be a loyal fan of a TV show, it becomes sorrowful when it comes to an end. Well, who will ever want to see their favorite show end just after running for a few seasons? Although it’s hard to process, the same happened with the Canadian series Burden Of Truth. So isn’t Burden Of Truth Season 5 happening? Well, the series rep has recently opened up about the potential season 5 and how they have envisioned the series since the beginning. But will it lead to reviving the show? Fans are too curious to learn the details and how things will move after the fourth run. So let’s head straight to see how things will proceed.

Canadian courtroom drama Burden Of Truth focused on corporate attorney Joanna Hanley who returned to her small hometown to deal with a case. She returned to her hometown to represent a large pharmaceutical company. A group of sick girls sued, claiming the large pharmaceutical company was behind their sickness. But she secretly works to uncover the giant conspiracy about the girls’ sickness. In the middle of her search mission, she learned why she and her father left their hometown and changed her surname to her mother’s maiden name. Now better understanding each other, she works on bonding with her estranged father.

Burden Of Truth Season 5: Recent Update!

As of now, there’s no recent news regarding the fifth season. And sadly, the fans won’t be able to learn about it sooner in the future. The series ran from 2018 to 2021, and everyone loved the concept and how beautifully the storyline was executed. Fans couldn’t get their eyes off it as the mystery always left them on edge, urging for more. However, the series isn’t on talk of returning with the fifth season. So currently, it remains unclear whether the executive producers will plan to return with a sequel.

Burden Of Truth Season 5

Burden Of Truth Season 5: Renewal Status!

Sadly, Burden Of Truth Season 5 won’t happen. As soon as the fourth season wrapped up airing, the show announced that the fourth season would mark the final run. They shared this heartbreaking news on their official Facebook page. It stated: “After incredible four seasons, we’re bringing our story to its conclusion in tonight’s episode,” making it the series finale. They also added that they were proud of the stories they told each season, especially those related to social justice.

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The announcement came just a day before the finale, surprising Canadian fans. Soon after this announcement, the team thanked Selkirk and Winnipeg’s residents for cooperating during production. They also thanked the worldwide fans for their support and love. The series gained an enormous fanbase and was critically acclaimed too. It earned 7.3/10 on IMDb and 90% on Rotten Tomatoes. Despite its positive reception, the series wrapped up after the fourth season. But it left many to wonder about the reason behind the series’ cancellation.

Reason Behind Burden Of Truth Season 5 Cancelation

To be clear, the series never got canceled. It came to its organic end. Representatives from ICF Films and Eagle Vision told Deadline that they knew their story was coming to its natural end when they started with the fourth season. It would bring a meaningful conclusion for Billy, Joanna, and the rest of the cast. They also thanked their tremendous cast for their support and Kristin Kreuk and Peter Mooney for bringing such groundbreaking stories to their life. The exec producers also said they were honored that the show resonated with audiences worldwide.

By Any Chance, Will Burden Of Truth Season 5 Happen In The Future?

As of now, the production house behind the series is firm on its decision. They didn’t want to revisit the series as it met its perfect ending. So at this point, there’s no chance that they will reverse their decision. However, anything can happen in the future. If the creators want to explore more of Joanna’s world, they will undoubtedly return with Burden Of Truth Season 5. But it’s unlikely to happen soon as her story arc concludes in the fourth season. So currently, it remains unclear.

Burden Of Truth Season 5: What Might Have Happened?

Well, the entire series revolved around Joanna dealing with a world dominated by activists, political movements, and hackers. In the fourth season, she and Billy embarked on a journey to find evidence against a mining company. However, things didn’t work out as they wanted. It appeared hard for Joanna to gather evidence, especially when her legal team started losing faith in her. However, it was Billy who stayed beside her and worked to gather evidence against the mining company. During this process, they lost the life of another girl. Now they only had a day to present the evidence. But it didn’t go well.

In the end, Joanna’s law license was suspended for a year. It wasn’t what she bargained for. But despite all the challenges, she managed to get a happy ending. In the end, Billy finally proposed to her, and the couple engaged in an intimate moment. She called it a “counter-proposal” with teary eyes. Both admitted they wanted to be with each other forever. However, if the show returns for the fifth run, then expect to see Joanna back dealing with new cases. It may explore their life after a year and how the new parents deal with their child.

Burden Of Truth Season 5: Cast Details

The series rep has already confirmed that the show is concluded for good. Also, the cast hasn’t confirmed and revealed their interest in returning for the next run. But if the show gets resurrected, expect Kristin Kreuk to return as Joanna Chang. She will now focus on her motherhood journey, so expect to see her kid as well. However, it remains unclear who will join as Joanna’s child. Apart from her, Peter Mooney will also return as Billy Crawford, Joanna’s fiance and partner, in uncovering the mission. Andrew Chown as Shane Crawford may also return. Further, there’s a chance that some new faces will join them as well as it may cover some more cases.

Burden Of Truth Season 5: Release Date

As of now, the show isn’t happening at all. So there’s little to no chance that the creators will return with the fifth run unless they feel to explore more of Joanna’s life. However, it may take a while. Thus it remains unclear when Burden Of Truth Season 5 will appear. But we will update this as soon as we learn the official announcement. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.

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