April 23, 2024
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My Dead Ex Season 2: Netflix Is Bringing Back Our Favorite Show?

My Dead Ex Season 2

It’s been almost six years since fans last saw My Dead Ex, a comedy teen drama that took them to a world of dead-turned-into-undead. The hilarious storyline left fans on edge, and they wished to see the lead characters back in My Dead Ex Season 2. But it’s been years since the show debuted, and there’s no talk about its potential sequel. While fans gave up on the romcom, Netflix reignited their hopes by picking up the show. So is the streaming platform looking forward to renewing the show? Well, anything can happen now. So keep reading to know the future of My Dead Ex Season 2.


American teen drama My Dead Ex focused on the lives of two people whose destinies were accidentally entangled. It revolved around Charley Albright and her love-stuck admirer Ben. He desperately wanted to date her, but he failed millions of times. However, Charley finally gave it a shot after several failed attempts and decided to go with him. But their date turned out as a strategy as Ben accidentally died while trying to impress Charley. It deeply affected her, so she started wearing the necklace that Ben had gifted her. But surprisingly, it somehow materialized him back to life, causing more troubles in her life.

My Dead Ex Season 2: Latest News

go90’s teen drama My Dead Ex hit the streaming platform back in 2018, and soon after its debut, Tumblr picked it. It helped the show to gain more viewership than its original platform. But it’s been six years, and the network hasn’t revealed the series’ fate. As per some reports, go90 canceled the show after its first season, leaving no hopes for My Dead Ex Season 2. However, when the show was added to the Netflix streaming list, it made fans believe it could return with the next season. Will it? Let’s see!

My Dead Ex Season 2

My Dead Ex Season 2: Renewal Status

As mentioned above, the original network, go90, canceled My Dead Ex soon after its debut. Well, the streamer never unveiled the viewership that the show had received. But the platform was shunned after a few months, which led to the abrupt end of the show. However, Tumblr picked the show just after go90 got shunned. But Tumblr never revisited the show again. It left fans wondering whether the show could ever get a second chance. Guess what? Their wish was fulfilled when Netflix picked the show. Unfortunately, the show was only available in the US region. Soon after a few months, Netflix removed it from the streaming list. Thus chances of its return are quite slim.

Well, the streaming giant picked the series to let the global audience decide the show’s future. Generally, Netflix is known to revive such shows. But it wasn’t in the case of this teen drama. This was because My Dead Ex was only available to stream in the US region, and it may not help the show well to gather more viewership. Thus it could be the reason why the streamer decided not to explore My Dead Ex Season 2. As for ratings, the show did earn 7.4 ratings on IMDb. But despite that, Netflix, too, left the fate of the show in limbo.

My Dead Ex Season 2

What Could Have Happened?

The show began with Charley trying to give her number to her crush Luke, who was a bully. But somehow, she ended up going on a date with Ben, who admired her a lot. But while trying to impress her, he met with an accident that took his life. So to remember him, Charley wore the necklace he had given her as a child. Surprisingly, the necklace brought him back to life as an undead. As the show progressed, it explored the magical necklace’s origin and how it got him back to life.

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Throughout the season, Charley tries to stay away from Ben. But in the end, she realized Ben was perfect for her. He supported her when everyone refused to believe her. He always stayed by her side and encouraged her to follow her dream. So if My Dead Ex Season 2 returns, the story will explore how Ben got the magical necklace. It will also focus on the couple’s journey and how things will move in their life.

My Dead Ex Season 2

My Dead Ex Season 2: Cast Details

If the show ever get revived, then chances are high that it will explore the couple’s storyline. Katherine Hughes will return as Charley, who will continue to explore the magical world. Joining her will be Ryan Lee as Ben, obsessed with Charley and returning as undead. Besides them, Medalion Rahimi, as Wren, will also return. Wren will continue to guide Charley through her thick and thin. Other members include Marc Evan Jackson as Vice Principal Kelly, Audrey Wasilewski as Mary Bloom, Matt Braunger as Officer, and Beth Littleford as Laurel.

My Dead Ex Season 2

My Dead Ex Season 2: Release Date

As mentioned above, the show’s fate is currently in limbo. So it remains unclear whether it will get My Dead Ex Season 2. However, if people start campaigns for its revival, it may return. But as of now, there’s no such news. Nevertheless, we will update this as soon as we learn an official announcement. Till then, stay with TechRadar247.

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