Jinny's Kitchen Episode 11

Jinny’s Kitchen Episode 11: Special Episode! Is It Happening? Know Streaming Guide Here

BTS’ V is famous for several reasons, and his latest variety show, Jinny’s Kitchen, takes his popularity to the next level. Now fans are going crazy to see whether V will return for Jinny’s Kitchen Episode 11. Well, the show brought many challenges in the idol and his team’s life as they worked hard to fulfill their customers’ needs. However, the variety show neatly wrapped up, and now it raises the question of whether the show will return with Jinny’s Kitchen Episode 11. Or will it get Jinny’s Kitchen Season 2? Here’s everything you need to know.

Jinny’s Kitchen Episode 11: Will There Be Any Special Episode?

Well, Jinny’s Kitchen Episode 10 is marked as the show’s final episode. tvN had only ordered ten episodes till now. Typically, the K-dramas get almost 16 or 18 episodes in one season. But in the case of the variety show, things are quite different. It’s hard to stay on air for more than ten episodes. Thus there’s less chance of its return. Further, the first season wrapped up with ten episodes, and now there’s no chance that the network will return with any special or Jinny’s Kitchen Episode 11. Still, if the show returns with another episode, it may focus on the cast’s experience throughout this period and how much they like it.

Jinny's Kitchen Episode 11

Will There Be Any Jinny’s Kitchen Season 2?

At the time of writing, tvN hasn’t announced the renewal status of Jinny’s Kitchen Season 2. Well, the variety show was the most-watched series on the network. It also gained plenty of success within a span of ten episodes. Fans loved the concept, and watching their favorite celebrities doing regular chores made it more interesting. In fact, the show gained a sold 9.2 score on IMDb, which is higher than expected. Based on its performance, there’s a sign that the show may return for another season. However, the network has yet to make its official announcement.

Jinny's Kitchen Episode 11

A Quick Recap!

The previous episode was the final day of business, so the owner wanted to end this journey on a passionate and bright note. Things did end positively, as their last date was the best sales so far. The team worked until late at night as the restaurant was brimming with customers, and they kept on coming. So the team worked hard to fulfill their customers’ demands. But one of the memorable moments was when a local recognized BTS’ V (Kim Taehyung) and asked him whether he was actually Kim. Without hesitation, V gave a thumbs-up and performed for the person. The singer performed his Dynamite song routine, and everyone enjoyed it.

Despite being a hectic day, V and the team continued to work on reaching their goal. To hype things up, the staff members and colleagues asked V to dance to one of his famous songs, Run BTS, which has a powerful and dynamic choreography. The time came to show his exceptional cooking skills. Soon V worked on his way to show off his talent. It also boosted the staff’s confidence, and they praised V for it. After wrapping up the show, V thanked everyone for their love and support. He also shared some behind-the-scenes pictures as a token of gratitude.

Jinny's Kitchen Episode 11

Jinny’s Kitchen Episode 11: Release Date

The show wrapped up with its tenth episode, and fans saw their favorite celebrities saying goodbye to their Korean-style restaurant. As of now, the show has yet to open up with returning with any special episode or Jinny’s Kitchen Episode 11. However, considering its immense popularity, there’s a sign that the show will return with Jinny’s Kitchen Season 2 someday in the future. We will update you soon. So till then, stay with TechRadar247 for more such updates.


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