May 24, 2024
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Paradise City Season 2: Coming To Prime Video In 2024?

Paradise City Season 2

In the times when sitcoms and crime thrillers dominated the entertainment industry, musical dramas struggled to capture the attention of the audience towards itself. But Paradise City was one such series that received generally positive reviews. On the other hand, it succeeded in establishing its motive among the viewers too. Released originally on Amazon Prime Video, Paradise City is an eight-episode-long series. Many a time, animated musical dramas are preferred over real characters. But, this series somewhat changed the perception. Nevertheless, following the debut installment, fans are anxiously waiting for the new episodes. Here’s what we know about Paradise City Season 2.


Written, created, and directed by Ash Avildsen, Paradise City is a spin-off series to the 2017’s film American Satan. The movie was directed by Ash and was awarded the Best Narrative Feature at the 2017 Oceanside International Film Festival. American Satan has described the journey of ‘The Relentless,’ a rock band. Well, the spin-off dives into the reunion of the band members. They gradually began appearing in the limelight, which also brought various challenges and pressure in their way. In addition, the demonic reasons responsible for the band’s success soon turned out to be haunting.

When Is Paradise City Season 2 Coming Out/

The American musical drama debuted on Amazon Prime Video on March 25, 2021. Labeled as one of the interesting series released in 2021, Paradise City was quickly devoured by the audience. The star-studded cast and the extremely glamorous lifestyle of the band in Los Angeles added some realistic elements to the drama. With such factors, the show did not disappoint the fans of the cult classic film American Satan. In an interview, Andy Biersack opened up about the differences between the film and the spin-off. He said that the series explored the lives of the band members more deeply. And the cast is obviously one of the main reasons why an individual will binge-watch Paradise City again and again.

Musical Paradise Season 2
Paradise City, Amazon Prime Video

Talking about the second season, fans were already expecting Amazon Prime Video to order a new season. The expectations turned into reality when Paradise City was officially renewed for season 2. In October 2021, the musical drama series was formally restored and was picked up for another installment. However, since then, the viewers haven’t received further updates on the follow-up. It has been more than a year, and still, no other sign seems to be visible confirming its arrival. Therefore, fans are demanding the release of the forthcoming installment soon.

Which Actors Will Be Returning In The Next Season?

Andrew Dennis Biersack is an American singer who played the frontman of the band Johnny Fraust. The 32-year-old singer is known for founding a rock band, Black Veil Brides. Ben Bruce essayed the role of Leo Donovan, a prominent member of the band. Bruce is a musician by profession and the lead guitarist of Asking Alexandria. His career in films began with his casting in American Satan. James Cassells was seen portraying the character of Dylan James, who originally is a drummer in his career. In addition to these, Booboo Stewart joined the cast of Paradise City as Vic Lakota. The actor is popular for his role as Seth Clearwater in The Twilight Saga. Lastly, Bella Thorne headlined the character of the bassist Lily Mayflower. She is multi-talented and possesses various professions.

Musical Paradise Season 2
Paradise City, Amazon Prime Video

The other actors in the pivotal roles were Perrey Reeves as Natalie, Cameron Boyce as Simon, Ryan Hurst as Oliver Ostergaard, Mark Boone Junior as Elias Collin, and many others. Paradise City is home to an ensemble cast and, thus, has a long list of cast members. As far as the cast of the forthcoming installment is concerned, the core panel is bound to return. Although an official announcement concerning the cast has not been made, the story will not move without them, so their presence is unarguably important. Besides this, Ash Avildson spoke to EW about Cameron Boyce’s role. He mentioned his character to be the heartbeat of the audience. His role will form most part of the story in the sequel.

Paradise City Season 2: Release Date

With no further details concerning the second installment of the spin-off series, fans will have to wait a bit more for the next update to surface online. According to the media reports, the production for the upcoming chapter began in 2022, but then no confirmation was made by the team.

Musical Paradise Season 2
Paradise City, Amazon Prime Video

Moreover, we expect Paradise City Season 2 to drop sometime in 2024. Till then, you can stream the previous episodes on Amazon Prime Video. If any update shows up, we will let you know the same! Keep reading at TECHRADAR247 for more details about your favorite shows.

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