April 25, 2024
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Monica Mangin Weight Loss: Check Her Transformation Journey

Monica Mangin Weight Loss

Monica Mangin Weight Loss: Is there anybody who would not want his or her home to look organized and beautiful? But such things require several tips and suggestions so that the decorations and DIY products don’t seem odd. And the person who can be one of the best advisors is Monica Mangin. She is great at creating DIY crafts, and her ideas of makeovers are literally helpful for various people. Although she kicked off her career in television and was successful, too, Monica identifies herself more as DIYer. Over the years, the personality has been in the limelight because of her home renovation ideas. But, recently, the decorators’ admirers were surprised to see her transformed body weight. Her recent pictures show a considerable weight shed. As soon as the snaps went viral, people were curious about her body transformation. Here’s what we know about Monica Mangin Weight Loss!


The media personality was born in 1982 and celebrate her birthday every year on February 1. Her primary education was completed at Plumstead Christian High School. After her schooling, she got into Gwynedd Mercy University for further studies. Meanwhile, Monica shares a healthy married life with Eric Mangin. It has been more than two decades since they got married. Besides all these, the American celebrity is active on her YouTube channel and often posts videos related to lifestyle and home decor.

Monica Mangin Weight Loss
Monica Mangin, The DIY Expert

Monica Mangin Weight Loss: Which Diet She Followed?

In the present times, Monica Mangin seems more radiant, and her figure has changed a lot. She has undergone an incredible transformation, and fans can’t resist but are surprised a lot. The noticeable change was quite unexpected as, most of the time, she used to be chubby and plumpy. However, in the past couple of years, the DIYer got motivated and lost weight. Her journey began in 2019 when her weight was reported to be the heaviest. Because of her fat and obese body, her daily activities faced troubles. Monica frequently felt uncomfortable and tired. So, in order to lose weight, Mangin focused on her regular diet and exercise. As a result, Monica Mangin has successfully lost around 60 pounds of weight in the last few months.

Monica Mangin Weight Loss
Monica Mangin: Then Vs. Now

The first step that she took was to change the diet plan. Monica controlled the consumption of fats to reduce cholesterol. Initially, Monica eliminated the intake of sugar and processed foods and switched to a healthy diet. Fruits and leafy vegetables became a part of her daily balanced diet. On top of that, she constantly kept an eye on her cholesterol level and ensured to consume fewer amounts of fat than she burnt through exercises. Well, it was not easy for the 41-year-old to overcome the physical challenges. There existed several obstacles that hindered her path, but Mangin kept her motivation high and achieved the weight loss goal.

Monica Mangin Weight Loss Exercises: Which Physical Activities Did She Do?

It is very important for a person to equally focus on the exercises along with maintaining a nutritious diet chart. Monica Mangin did the same, and during her weight loss journey, she did some simple yet effective physical activity. The star began with walking and gradually shifted to brisk walking and running. This was not only helpful in burning her calories but also increased her muscle strength. Furthermore, as she became habituated to the exercise plan, Monica began lifting weights as well. After accomplishing her goal, she emphasized incorporating exercise into regular life.

Monica Mangin Career: How Did She Gain Prominence?

Monica began her career in house tour in 2012. It was the time of Christmas when her interest in blogging significantly increased. Despite being a mother of four children, she handled her full-time job blogging job. She also posted some pictures of the eve of Christmas 2012 that can be easily accessed on her official Instagram handle. Initially, Mangin concentrated on DIY projects, and her creativity made her an exception in the industry. Gradually, she turned herself to the television and emerged as an engaging host.

Monica Mangin Weight Loss
Monica Mangin

The personality appeared in The Weekender and was also seen on the sets of ABC’s design series. Her career reached a new height when she founded East Coast Creative, a production company. Interestingly, the woman is also serving in the position of CEO. Currently, Monica Mangin is working as the home expert on the channel called LIVE! with Kelly.

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