May 26, 2024
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The Good Bad Mother Episode 15: Special Episode? Kang-ho’s Revenge!

The Good Bad Mother Episode 15

Kang-ho and Young-soon had a rocky start, but the mother-son duo finally came to good terms when the former met with an accident. In fact, the previous episode explored their strong and beautiful bond. So will they return for The Good Bad Mother Episode 15? Well, things are a little different here. Fans are curious about the series’ fate, especially after watching a heartfelt episode where everything ended peacefully. Now it remains to be seen how things will move in the characters’ life, especially in Young-soon’s life. Is she safe now? On top of that, will the show ever get The Good Bad Mother Season 2? Let’s see!


The Good Bad Mother Episode 15: Is It Happening?

Well, the prosecutor K-drama only had 14 episodes that wrapped up in the previous week. Thus the chances of The Good Bad Mother Episode 15 are quite slim. However, some cases exist when the K-drama has opted to bring a special episode for the fans. Since the show has already wrapped up its storyline, the chances are pretty thin that it will return with another episode. But fans can expect that the show will sometime get revived to explore Kang-ho and Mi-joo’s married life, especially to reveal more about Young-soo and her medical condition. But as of now, The Good Bad Mother Season 2 remains a mystery as the network hasn’t revealed anything about the sophomore run.

The Good Bad Mother Episode 15

A Quick Recap!

The Good Bad Mother finale begins with Kang-ho giving Tae-soo a choice whether to turn against Song and testify that the latter had killed Kang-ho’s father or else see his daughter Ha-young testify against himself. Sam-sik, on the other hand, saw CCTV footage of Kang-ho and Mi-Joo making out. He left heartbroken while Ha-young’s testimony was put to use. Back to Kang-ho, he had solid evidence against Song, and with the evidence, he managed to get the latter arrested. Soon the news broke of Kang-ho arresting Song, leading to a massive investigation. The locals were surprised to see he had recovered and celebrated their victory. During the trial, Kang-ho pointed out that Song had threatened So.

He played the recording and highlighted that his past secretaries, including Hwang, had disappeared and were later found dead. He played another video where Song paid his minions to kill Kang-ho. Soon he presented Tae-soo to testify against Song. Tae-soo decided to go against Song to clear his name. But he was interrupted by Ha-young, who testified against her father. Soon he also got arrested. However, Young-soon’s condition got deteriorated. Yet, she managed to celebrate her birthday and Kang-ho’s success. After a sweet speech, she passed the wedding rings to Kang-ho and Mi-Joo. The show ended pleasantly when the couple finally got together, and Jung was released.

The Good Bad Mother Episode 15

The Good Bad Mother Episode 15: Release Date

Kang-ho has finally succeeded in taking his revenge, and now everything has ended peacefully. So there’s a slim chance that the show will return. Typically The Good Bad Mother follows a weekly release pattern. Last week it has already concluded its run. However, if the show returns with a special episode, the network will announce it soon. We will update you soon. Till then, stay with TechRadar247 for more such updates.

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