May 19, 2024
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Love Island Season 10 Episode 11: Jess Loses All! Is Sammy To Blame? WATCH HERE

Love Island Season 10 Episode 11

Things are getting weird. The islanders have never thought they would end up in a fierce battle, but it seems like Love Island Season 10 Episode 11 will witness the first-ever argument in the villa. Well, the recent “snog and bang” game has finally shown everyone true interest. It will ultimately create problems in their life. Well, fans have anticipated this drama. It is clearly seen that Sammy isn’t interested in Jess, and he’s playing along. But Molly has now shown interest in Zach; his chances are quite thin. But he hasn’t given up. Now his next action will ultimately lead to a bickering moment. Let’s see how things will unfold now.


Love Island Season 10 Episode 11: What Will Happen Next?

The upcoming episode will create more chaos in the islanders’ life. Well, Zach is jealous of Charlotte’s move when she kisses Ty instead of him. He is clearly jealous, which undoubtedly affects Molly. Mitch is interested in Leah, who seems to explore her cards. However, Love Island Season 10 Episode 11 preview hints that things will turn dramatic between Whitney and Jess. No doubt, it will be because of Sammy, as he has shown her interest in someone else. Well, Jess isn’t expecting this, and Whitney is just trying to tell her the truth. Meanwhile, Mitch will face a setback. Molly doesn’t want to be with him, and he is still trying to get with her, eventually leading to his downfall. On top of that, another bombshell is heading to the villa, and this new boy will undoubtedly turn the girls’ heads.

Love Island Season 10 Episode 11

A Quick Recap!

The previous episode began with Ty receiving a text asking Ella and Ruchee to wait until the islanders decide who would leave. Finally, the islanders decided, and Mehdi announced that they wanted to save Ella because of her connection with Ty. Later Mitch revealed his revenge plan. He told Molly that he didn’t want to give up on Molly. But Molly wasn’t expecting this as she wanted to stay with Zach. She wondered how to deal with Mitch’s situation and tried to remind him that she already kissed Zach, so it was a done deal between them. Later Zach and Sammy joined them, and it turned out to be a huge mess.

Meanwhile, Ty told Leah that he was pissed off with her decision. But she reminded him that he was the one who started flirting with her first. Yet, he wanted to reconsider the decision and recouple with Ella. The latter told about her feelings for Ty, and they seemed on good terms now. As for Molly, she slept alone on the day bed. The next morning, she arrived and wished Zach. She made it clear that she wanted to be with Zach. The contestants then had a wild game. However, the bizarre game turned more awkward when everyone showed their true intentions. Later that day, Ella had a chat with Leah. It was a stormy conversation. Ella later ranted about Leah while Ty tried to defend her. It quickly led to rivalry between the two.

Love Island Season 10 Episode 11

Love Island Season 10 Episode 11: Release Date

The forthcoming episode will return with another bombshell that will change the islanders’ life again. Will it be in a good way for Ella? You will learn it in Love Island Season 10 Episode 11, which will air on June 15, 2023, at 9 pm BST. The all-new episode airs every day except Saturday, with a runtime of around an hour. It is available to stream on ITV2 for the UK audience. Meanwhile, the US audience can catch it on Hulu, while the Australian audience can stream it on 9Now. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.

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