June 15, 2024
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Battle For Happiness Episode 10: Jang Frames Jung-Ah Using Kang Do Jun’s Secrets! WATCH HERE

Battle For Happiness Episode 10

The K-drama has now taken a drastic and the most challenging turn, as the prey and hunter have changed their place. So now, in Battle For Happiness Episode 10, things will drastically change when Jang learns about Kang Do Jun. Since the beginning, she has been trying hard to cover the murder mystery. But instead of providing justice to Yu Jin, she has become the prime suspect behind the gruesome case. The previous episode shocked everyone when the police officers summoned Jang instead of questioning Kang Do Jun. However, Jang will soon get the upper hand in the situation. So keep reading to know how this change will occur in Happiness Battle Episode 10.


Battle For Happiness Episode 10: How Things Will Move Now?

After Kang Do Jun starts an open battle with Jang, the latter is more determined to unearth the secrets he’s been hiding. Luckily, in Battle For Happiness Episode 10, Na Young seeks the secret circle of Do Jun. So to gather more information about Do Jun, Jang decides to meet them. But she remains stunned after meeting a group of strangely familiar faces. Even one of them asks her whether she’s ready to know what Kang Do Jun does behind her back. Soon the preview clip shifts its focus to Jung-Ah, who requests someone to take charge of the hit-and-run case.

Battle For Happiness Episode 10
ENA, Amazon Prime Video

However, the person seems frustrated as he’s done with Jung-Ah. Soon the table turns as Jung-Ah receives the jaw-dropping news. A person then joins her function and shows her a video featuring evidence of her killing someone. It leaves Jung-Ah in dismay as she breaks down in the parking lot. Meanwhile, Jang learns something to help her find the murderer behind Yu Jin’s murder. Further, the Happiness Battle Episode 10 preview hints at Kang Do Jun’s secrets. Jang opens the files holding Do Jun’s secrets and the wrong deeds he has done so far.

A Quick Recap!

The previous episode opened up with police officers interrogating Jang for instigating Yu Jin. Kang Do Jun also blamed Jang for forcing Yu Jin to suicide. He revealed what he felt for his wife. He said she started believing he would kill her and then joined the group of delusional wives. Jun also told the officers that Jang made things worse for his wife. He also claimed that he saw the money being tossed between Jang and Yu Jin. So the officers grilled Jang, but she refused such allegations. They kept asking whether she forced Yu Jin since Do Jun said his wife called Jang when she attacked him. However, Jang questioned why they believed Jun so much in Happiness Battle Episode 9.

Battle For Happiness Episode 10
ENA, Amazon Prime Video

After a quarrel, she said that the suspect should be on him as he was the one who survived the incident. Meanwhile, the other mothers badmouthed Jang. On the other hand, Na Young asked her husband to help Jang. So he went to the police station as Jang’s lawyer. It helped Jang to be freed from police custody. After returning to the apartment, Jang learned that the lock’s code had changed, and the kids’ grandfather took the kids with them. Despite several attempts, she failed to reach their grandfather. Meanwhile, Kang Do Jun pressured the police to arrest Jang. As for Na Young, she told Jang about Jung Ah’s secret, which certainly helped them explore more about the mysterious murder.

Battle For Happiness Episode 10: Release Date

Happiness Battle Episode 10 will focus on the deeper aspect of the K-drama. Fans can catch it on June 29, 2023, at 9 pm KST. The series consists of 16 episodes and hour-long episodes follow a weekly release pattern. The all-new episode airs every Wednesday and Thursday night on ENA for the local Korean audience. Meanwhile, the global audience can watch it on Prime Video. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.

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