May 21, 2024
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Hidden Love Episode 22: A Campaign Trip And Permission! What’s Next? WATCH HERE

Hidden Love Episode 22

As the show progresses, things seem to improve in the couple’s life. Now they are officially together, and her brother Sang Yan is also aware of their relationship. The best part is he has approved of their relationship. But things will turn dramatic in Hidden Love Episode 22 when Sang Zhi’s parents learn about her current relationship status. Well, the previous episode has already hinted that something more dramatic yet beautiful will brew between the couple. But it remains to be seen how Sang Zhi and Duan will deal with it. Will they end up on a bitter note? Although it doesn’t look like this, anything can happen at this moment. Keep reading to learn this.


Hidden Love Episode 22: What Will Happen Next?

The couple has recently come together, and now her brother Sang Yan has also approved of their relationship. So the two move in together to stay as close as possible, and now that Sang Zhi’s internship is over, she’s ready to spend as much time as possible with Duan. She suggests going on a campaign trip with him on a personal vacation. But Duan seems reluctant as he has some work to finish. However, Sang Zhi tells him she wants to enjoy nature and stay with him. Hearing this, Duan decides to plan an outing with him.

Hidden Love Episode 22

But before heading, they decide to learn basic things about the campaigning. However, their preparation is halted after Sang Zhi receives a call from her parents. Since it is face time, Duan quickly hides to avoid the camera’s view. She later shows them her new place and informs them about her trip. But they quickly ask her with whom she’s going. Now, they may finally learn about her relationship in Hidden Love Episode 22.

A Quick Recap!

After a terrible day, the couple finally shared a kiss in Hidden Love Episode 21; Sang Zhi’s brother finally agreed to the internship program and returned to see her. And he also learned about Sang Zhi and Duan’s relationship. However, Sang Zhi’s brother was glad to learn that his best friend was his sister’s boyfriend. He also asked Duan to step forward and tell his sister about his life. But Sang Yan also warned Duan not to hurt his little sister. Everyone was surprised to discover he slept at the office the following day again. However, after learning jolting news, he went to see Jiang Ying and warned her that if she ever tried to mess with his girl, he would file a police complaint.

Hidden Love Episode 22

Meanwhile, Sang Zhi was busy with her office work. They had a meeting where everyone discussed Xiaoyu’s idea of using allergy-free cosmetics. But their sale team believed it wasn’t a perfect idea. However, they finally realized they should follow Xiaoyu’s plan, so they asked Sang Zhi to submit the project proposal. She later had a word with her as he came to see her. During their conversation, he revealed that he would fly away tomorrow, which left her in tears. On the other hand, Duan promised to stay closer to Sang Zhi and told her he wanted to be more than a boyfriend, the person she could rely on. As for the business proposal, it got approved by the director, and everyone praised Sang Zhi.

Hidden Love Episode 22: Release Date

The forthcom ing episode will bring some changes in the couple’s life. Catch it on Hidden Love Episode 22, which will air on July 6, 2023, at 6 pm CST. The C-drama airs daily, so you can immediately learn how things will move in the couple’s arc. It’s available to stream on Youku for the Chinese audience, while global fans can catch it on Netflix. So don’t miss it. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.

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