May 21, 2024
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Real Housewives Of Miami Season 6: In Development! Returns In 2024?

Real Housewives Of Miami Season 6

While Real Housewives Of Miami has always been in the headlines, a recent update has added more limelight to it. According to Deadline, the reality series has adopted a different path of release. It stated that whenever the series returns with season 6, the episodes will drop on Bravo first. Following its release on the original network, the chapters would be available on Peacock a day later. This has apparently fueled the excitement of the fans regarding Real Housewives Of Miami Season 6. Touted as the seventh installment of the Real Housewives franchise, the reality series follows the traditional format. It has been so far divided into two runs and spawned five seasons over the years. Blended with real-life highs and lows, the show has seemingly amassed a large fan following. It has led the fans to highly anticipate the arrival of Real Housewives Of Miami Season 6.


Executively produced by Matt Anderson, Nate Green, and many others, Real Housewives Of Miami was not developed for the franchise originally. In fact, the network decided to associate with the Real Housewives franchise after the filming wrapped up for the pilot season. In 2016, Bravo stated that the reality TV series wouldn’t return but was miraculously revived by Peacock. Initially, a few original cast members were not interested in returning to the show and found it absurd. But, several past housewives returned, and the show performed low in terms of ratings and viewership. The reports already suggested that the series lost its original spark. However, the drama continued and became a satisfactory run over the years. Talking about its format, the show is focused on a group of elite ladies who enjoy lavish lifestyles. All females gather and discuss their personal and professional lives.

Real Housewives Of Miami Season 6 Returns! Has The Production Started?

Although the series has failed to gain much attention and spotlight in its second run, fans still hope Real Housewives Of Miami Season 6 happens. The curiosity is pretty evident as they are consistently showing concern about it on social media and other online platforms. Well, it seems like their prayers have turned into reality, as we have a piece of good news for them.

Real Housewives Of Miami Season 6
Real Housewives Of Miami, Bravo

Real Housewives Of Miami Season 6 has already been announced officially back in May 2023. As mentioned above, it will be available on both Bravo and Peacock. As per the reports, it is currently in production, and a few aspects are left before announcing its release. But a few outlets reported that the makers are yet to renew, which created much confusion among the fans. A major population already believed Real Housewives Of Miami Season 6 to have been picked for a new season, while a few were unable to figure out the same. Nevertheless, Bravo has confirmed its development.

Will There Be A New Format In Real Housewives Of Miami Season 6?

So far, none of the officials from the crew team has stated anything in this regard. Since all the previous runs followed the traditional format, the next season of Real Housewives Of Miami is expected to follow the same format. As known since the beginning, the series follows the life journey of the rich Housewives of Miami. The entire invited cast sat down to discuss their life and other aspects. Many times, this leads to strong friendships or otherwise feuds. Well, throughout its run, the reality series has witnessed several different situations. Regardless of the events, the influential women of Miami never stop themselves from partying and living to the fullest.

Who Will Return In The Next Season?

Real Housewives Of Miami Season 6
Real Housewives Of Miami, Bravo

It is vital for us to discuss the cast of the last season to have an idea of the future cast members. In Real Housewives Of Miami Season 5, Lea Black was in the guest role while Adriana De Moura joined in a ‘friend’ role. Apart from her, Marysol Patton and Kiki Barth were on the same plate. Talking about the central faces, Alexia Nepola, Larsa Pippen, and Guerdy Abraira marked their presence. In addition to them, Julia Lemigova, Lisa Hochstein, and Nicole Martin were also the leading faces in the fifth season.

As far as the cast of Real Housewives Of Miami Season 6 is concerned, all the prominent faces are reportedly returning along with the same friends. Thus, we don’t expect any changes in the cast in the next season of the reality series.

Real Housewives Of Miami Season 6: Release Date

Real Housewives Of Miami Season 6
Real Housewives Of Miami, Bravo

Despite the official announcement of Real Housewives Of Miami Season 6, the release date is not particular as of now. The makers are yet to make a statement regarding its release on Peacock and Bravo

. Since it is in production, we expect it to drop sometime in early 2024. It might move ahead to the mid months of 2024. A trailer for Real Housewives Of Miami Season 6 will unveil the official release date. Stay tuned to TECH RADAR 247 for more updates.

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