June 14, 2024
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King The Land Episode 9: Battle For Power And Love! Who Wins? WATCH HERE

King The Land Episode 9

Finally, Gu Won has made his move toward Sa-rang, which fans have been waiting for, and now King The Land will witness some sweet and romantic moments between the couple. As the story progresses, Won becomes stronger and more determined to take control of the power. And King The Land Episode 9 will witness it when he goes against Gu’s family. Well, fans have seen him in a vulnerable position, and now he will do his best to challenge his sister. But he shouldn’t forget that she’s one step ahead of him. Will it create problems for him as well as Sa-rang? Let’s see!


King The Land Episode 9: What To Expect Next? 

The next episode will pick up from the steamy night between Gu Won and Sa-rang. King The Land Episode 9 will mark the beginning of their relationship. They will try to keep it a secret as it can create trouble in Sa-rang’s life. However, their relationship won’t remain hidden, especially when the latter’s grandmother enters the picture. Her condition continues to deteriorate, so Won and Sa-rang visit her. But she quickly discovers they are together and refuses to accept Won as her grandaughter’s partner.

King The Land Episode 9
Netflix, JTBC

It will soon create problems for them. But Won won’t give up and work hard to win her heart. However, an accident will help Won win Sa-rang’s grandmother’s heart. Back at the hotel, he decides to go against the norms. Won will go against Mr. Gu and claims the rights of the hotel. It will finally create things upside-down. While the war between father-son duo continues, Sa-rang makes a jolting announcement in King The Land Episode 9.

A Quick Recap!

Gu Won finally succeeded in bringing Prince Samir to King The Land Hotel. However, in the previous episode, he tricked him by saying that the royal groom only wore white robes when Prince Samir was about to wear royal black robes. But Samir left stunned when he spotted Won in the same black royal robe in the ceremony, so he began chasing him. His action interrupted the ceremony, and Sa-rang questioned him about his action. So he told him that he didn’t like her with Samir, indicating jealousy. But he then announced that he wanted to protect his people, so he should work hard. However, Samir interrupted and ordered his guards to take Won away.

King The Land Episode 9
JTBC, Netflix

As soon as Won left the place, Samir began flirting with Sa-rang and also offered her a hotel. Sa-rang politely refused the offer but said she was glad to serve him. Back at the hotel, Won offered Sa-rang a suite with free room service for her hard work and also pampered her. But she stopped him, and they later ended up at a convenience store. The following day, worried Won knocked on Sa-rang’s door, who revealed her shift would start in the afternoon. However, when Su-mi knocked at his door, he asked Sa-rang to hide. Later that day, Won cooked dinner for Sa-rang, and they laughed at the mess before kissing each other. Soon things turned beautiful between them when Sa-rang permitted him, and they made out.

King The Land Episode 9: Release Date

The next episode will finally make things more clear between Sa-rang and Won. You will catch it on King The Land Episode 9, which will air on July 15, 2023, at 10.30 pm KST. It consists of 16 episodes with a runtime of around an hour long. The all-new episode airs every Saturday and Sunday night. That is available to stream on local Korean networks such as JTBC, while global fans can watch it on Netflix. Stay tuned. TechRadar247

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