May 27, 2024
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Camila Cabello Weight Gain: Singer’s “Flabby” Bikini Pictures Went Viral

Camila Cabello Weight Gain

Camila Cabello Weight Gain: Trends in the entertainment industry have changed in the last few years. Singers have turned themselves into acting and are performing well in both careers. One of the most prominent names in this list is Camila Cabello. The American singer and songwriter is probably one of the top-rated female singers of all time. With numerous tracks on various music platforms, ‘Havana’ is her best-selling digital single. Well, the celeb always remains in media headlines concerning her social media posts and other statements. But this time, Camila Cabello is in the buzz for her curvy figure. Fans assumed that she might have gained extra lbs in lockdown. It eventually laid down Camila Cabello Weight Gain speculations all over social media. In addition to this, she is also rumored to be pregnant with her first child. Is it true?


Camila Cabello Weight Gain: Is The Singer Pregnant?

Though the American singer is known for dating a couple of men in the industry, Camila gained much limelight when she started dating Shawn Mendes. Both started dating in 2019, but initially, the relationship was not accepted heartily by people. They were accused of doing a publicity stunt to form a relationship to garner global attention. But following the release of ‘Senorita,’ the relationship received a new life. Sadly, the couple broke up in November 2021. And, finally, Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes got separated. Then after, she dated Lox CEO Austin Kevitch but parted ways in 2023.

Now, the recent breakup and weight gain speculations coincided. So, this created various assumptions about Camila. Since the actress was already dealing with her rumored weight gain story, pregnancy speculations made it worst. Camila Cabello Weight Gain became more significant when netizens speculated that the singer might have her first child. The rumors surfaced for the first time in 2018, but they again came into the limelight after her latest breakup.

Back then, the Never Be The Same singer clarified that she was not expecting a child. She denied having a baby bump and requested people to leave her belly alone. Moreover, talking about Camila Cabello Weight Gain, she has not addressed the issue publicly. On top of that, none of the media outlets have reported Camila to be pregnant. Thus, it would be safe to assume that the young artist does not have a baby bump, but clarity is still awaited.

Camila Cabello Weight Gain: The Havana Singer Faces Body Shaming Comments!

Camila Cabello Weight Gain
Camila Cabello

Do you remember how beautiful and attractive Camila Cabello looked in Cinderella? She almost became a new crush for guys all over the world. Not only this but her other public appearances have also been praised. But the 26-year-old looked a bit curvy in a beach photograph. She had always been slim, so a little change would also gain great attention. Camila Cabello Weight Gain concerns were concentrated around a candid bikini shot of her. Well, the photo also had her now ex-boyfriend Shawn Mendes. While the latter looked as usual, fans knew that Cabello had undergone weight fluctuations.

Soon, other snaps and paparazzi shots of the singer surfaced on the Internet. She flaunted her curves confidently while enjoying near the beach. That was when fans could not resist but notice her apparent weight gain. The Don’t Go Yet singer is reported to have put on weight during the pandemic. This resulted in numerous body-shaming comments, and netizens did not step back from criticizing her. Online users claim that the American singer might have developed a bad eating habits during the lockdown. The Latin Grammy Awards winner could have stopped herself from exercising and following a proper workout regime. According to the reports, she went from 50 KG to 56 KG and even more.

Camila Cabello Has Stretch Marks!

Camila Cabello Weight Gain
Camila Cabello

Addressing the entire issue, Camila Cabello explained that she was already aware of the comments being made about her photographs. She said that it was not possible for her to tuck her stomach in and maintain her best every time. Further, the Senorita singer posted a TikTok video saying she was just like other women with curves and stretch marks. Lastly, Cabello said that she was grateful for her body, which allowed her to enjoy life. Moreover, she believed that her unflattering photos would help other celebrities deal with such circumstances.

Did Camila Cabello Weight Gain Result In Her Breakup With Shawn Mendes?

Many people believe that Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes got separated after the latter lost interest in her. Unconfirmed sources claim that Mendes might have been disappointed with Camila Cabello Weight Gain. It eventually made him go for the break up and separate ways. In fact, paparazzi were already releasing several bikini pictures. The snaps were consistently being criticized, and people passed body shaming comments.

Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes

Thus, Camila’s gained weight could be one of the possible reasons behind her breakup with Shawn Mendes. Since neither of them has addressed these concerns so far, nothing confirmed can be said. As of now, a proper explanation for their split has not been revealed by either of the celebrities. What do you think? Comment down below. Stay tuned to TECH RADAR 247 for more updates!

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