May 30, 2024
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My Lovely Liar Episode 4: Do-Ha Is Trouble, Sol-Hee Finally Falls In Love! WATCH HERE

My Lovely Liar Episode 4

Although Sol-hee tries to trust Do-ha, their equation turns problematic in My Lovely Liar Episode 4, thanks to Do-ha’s past. The couple shared a pleasant time in the previous episode and also had a friendly date. But it seems like things will turn more complex when two strange men show up. Fans know Do-ha is trouble, and he’s here for some unfinished business. But Sol-hee has no clue about it, ultimately making things dramatic between them. Will she learn his true intention? Well, it doesn’t look like though. This is because she starts having a soft corner for him. Will it lead them to come close romantically? Keep reading to find out.


My Lovely Liar Episode 4: Will Sol Hee Leave Do-Ha? How Will Things Move Now?

In the closing moment, two strange men appear, searching for Do-ha. They inform Sol-hee about the person’s appearance, which resembles Do-ha. It surprises her when she sees Do-ha and tries to protect him. However, she knows the latter is in trouble, so she offers him to stay with her at her apartment. Soon Do-ha moves in with Sol-hee in My Lovely Liar Episode 4. It will definitely bring them closer as she tries to learn more about him. But he has no clue about his dark past and why he’s trying to keep his identity under wrap. However, she soon learns that Do-ha is involved in a murder case and grills him.

My Lovely Liar Episode 4
tvN, Viki

Amid the interrogation, she learns the latter is lying, which pisses her off. Soon she informs Do-ha to leave as he can’t stay with her, kicking Do-ha out of her place. But during this time, My Lovely Liar Episode 4 shows some flashes of Do-ha’s past life and how he gets entangled in a murder case. Further, it shows that he returns as he has unfinished business with Sol-hee. He wants to protect her from something, ultimately bringing them close. Also, the upcoming episode preview hints that he intentionally enters her life. However, his intentions remain under wrap.

A Quick Recap!

Previously in My Lovely Liar Episode 3, Do-ha felt uncomfortable

after learning Sol Hee had seen his face. So in order to avoid her, the former shifted to his old apartment. As for Sol Hee, she wanted to clear the differences between her and Do-ha, but unfortunately, he couldn’t be found. She was waiting for him to return, but he didn’t want to return. However, his plan changed after he spotted media persons outside his apartment. Do-ha quickly rushed outside the apartment and saw Sol Hee standing on the opposite side of the road. Initially, he ignored her. But after seeing a stranger approaching her, he quickly rushed to save her.

My Lovely Liar Episode 4
tvN, Viki

However, the girl next door was calmed by this approach and helped the stranger by handing him some money. Do-ha had no idea about Sol-hee’s ability. But the incident brought them closer. The pair later enjoyed dinner together, but she faced complications at a nightclub. Soon the scene showed a flashback where Sol Hee went on a blind date with her client to help him. Well, the only motive to go on a date with him was to check whether he was telling the truth. Unfortunately, Do-Ha was also there and thought she was on a blind date. Meanwhile, the media people were still trying to locate the musician’s location. Later the show focused on Sol Hee’s first love detective Lee Kang Min.

My Lovely Liar Episode 4: Release Date

The upcoming episode will showcase how Sol Hee deals with the matter. You can catch it on My Lovely Liar Episode 4, which will air on August 8, 2023, at 8.50 pm KST. The series has 16 episodes that drop two every Monday and Tuesday night. The drama generally follows 50 minutes runtime which airs on local Korean networks such as tvN. On the other hand, global fans can watch it on Viki and Viu. Stay tuned. TechRadar247

will keep you updated.

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