My Lovely Liar Episode 15

My Lovely Liar Episode 15: Deuk-Chan’s Love Interest, Do-Ha Loses It All! What’s Next? WATCH HERE

Finally, the murder mystery is solved, and now Do-ha can live as he wants. But is it the end of his journey? Well, things are more complex, especially after watching the previous episode’s closing moment. The mega explosion that took place in the finale hints that My Lovely Liar Episode 15 will bring another shocker to the audience’s plate. This time, it won’t be Do-ha but someone else whose fate will remain limbo. Will it be Sol-hee? Well, My Lovely Liar has been hinting at her dark fate since the beginning of the series. But will Do-ha lose her at the end of this season? Keep reading to learn it.

My Lovely Liar Episode 15: Is Everything Back To Normal? What Will Happen Next?

Following the brutal car chase and massive explosion, Deuk-chan’s life is on edge. Although the police unit quickly takes him to the hospital, his chances of returning are slimmer than expected. In My Lovely Liar Episode 15, everyone will pray for Deuk-chan to recover. But their hope will go in vain as the upcoming episode will reveal his fatal fate. However, it will help Do-ha clear his name from the longest-running murder case. The police unit will be glad that the murder case is solved, and now they can rest.

My Lovely Liar Episode 15

Meanwhile, My Lovely Liar Episode 15 preview hints at Deuk-chan’s monologue where he says he will cross paths with Do-ha again. As for Sol-hee, she will finally confess her feelings to Do-ha. Everything will start getting better in their life. On the other hand, Syaon will also move on from Do-ha. She will start having feelings for someone else. However, Sol-hee will return with a traumatic question that will leave her and Do-ha on edge.

A Quick Recap!

After suspecting Jae-chan, Do-ha spoke with Deuk-chan in the previous episode. However, he wanted Sol-hee to refrain from listening to their conversation. This was because he trusted Deuk-chan, but the latter was upset that he could lose Do-ha’s trust because of his brother. On the other hand, Sol-hee confessed to Do-ha that she had never trusted anyone as they continued to lie. But the latter promised to be his first, whom she could fully trust. The investigation turned dark when Kang-min learned that the ring they found near the crime site was a copy of Eom-ji and Do-ha’s couple rings.

So, Kang-min did a quick lie detector test on Do-ha and learned the latter was telling the truth. Meanwhile, Sol-hee’s gang boss friend captured Jae-chan. But they let him go after being bribed by Deuk-chan. After learning this, Do-ha called Deuk-chan and discovered he was lying all the time as he was trying to hide something. But the former could not hide the truth from Do-ha for longer and finally told him everything. While the murder case took a dramatic turn, Do-ha’s mother watched her political career fall. She didn’t get why she was being punished for fabricating the evidence.

My Lovely Liar Episode 15

But Do-ha said she should have trusted him instead of fabricating the things. However, the more Kang-min questioned Jae-chan, the more robotic he sounded. So, he asked Sol-hee to do him a favor. Soon, they discovered that Deuk-chan was behind Eom-ji’s murder case. Sol-hee then confronted Deuk-chan and learned he had feelings for Do-ha, so he wanted to protect the latter. Later, a car chase and a mega explosion followed this confrontation.

My Lovely Liar Episode 15: Release Date

The upcoming episode will bring joy to everyone’s life. But will this happiness stay longer? Catch it on My Lovely Liar Episode 15, which will air on September 18, 2023, at 8.50 pm KST. The K-drama has already run its course, with only two left to wrap up the story arc. It airs every Monday and Tuesday night. So, don’t miss it. You can easily stream it on Viu and Viki, while the local Korean audience can catch it on tvN and TVING. This is all for now. TechRadar247 will keep you updated. So, stay tuned.


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