June 14, 2024

When Is The Wilds Season 2 Coming To Amazon Prime?

The Wilds Season 2

Amazon prime’s Survival drama series The WIlds first dropped on the platform in December 2020. ever since the fans have been waiting for the series to return with The Wilds Season 2. So here’s everything we know about the second season.


The Wilds Season 2 Plot!

When the series returns for The Wilds Season 2, it will most likely pick up the story after the first season’s events. The upcoming season may explore in detail the experiment that we saw in the first season. Meanwhile, The Wilds Season 2 will tell us about Gretchen’s past and her intentions. 

The Wilds Season 2

On the island, she was a beauty queen with a flawless exterior. However, she was seen to be damaged with a buzz cut and suffering from dissociative identity disorder in the present day. But she was awake enough to sneak Leah a message assuring her that she was correct about something. Shelby’s makeover and revelations show that there’s still a lot to discover in season 2 of The Wilds. Keep an eye out for news on the show’s renewal status in the next months.

When Is The Wilds Coming?

The Wilds  Season 2

Amazon Prime dropped the first season of The Wilds on December 11, 2020. However, as far as the second season is concerned, there has been no official announcement from the streaming service about the renewal of the series. But since the first season successfully impressed the audience and the critics, we have strong hopes that the show will return for another season. 

The Wilds Cast!

The Wild features a list of wonderful actors in its cast. In the series, Rachel Griffiths plays the role of Gretchen Klein, the woman who runs Dawn of Eve. David Sullivan plays Daniel Faber, while Troy Winbush appears as Dean Young. Meanwhile, the role of Leah, the first girl we saw at the start of the show, is played by Sarah Pidgeon.

The Wilds season 2

Then there’s Erana James, who is seen as Toni. Meanwhile, the cast also includes Jenna Clause as Martha, Mia Healey as Shelby, Shannon Berry as Dot, Helena Howard plays Nora, and Reign Edwards appears as Rachel. In addition, Sophia Ali plays Fatin in the show. When the show comes back for The Wilds Season 2, we expect most of the original to reprise their roles and return in the second season. On the other hand, The Wilds Season 2 may also bring some new characters to life if the story demands.

Is The Wilds Based On A Real Story?

Many fans have wondered if The Wilds is based on a true story. Well, the showrunner Sarah Streicher has already answered the question herself. She stated, “Coming of age is not for the faint of heart. It can take as much grit and fire to survive our teenage years as it would to survive, say, on a deserted island. ‘The Wilds’ grew from that notion, and it’s afforded me an opportunity to explore teenage-hood in all of its perils, joys, and heartbreaks.” Based on what she said, we can conclude that The Wilds is not based on any particular incident. 

The Wilds Season 2

Sure, merging a survival story with an adolescent drama sounds odd. Streicher, on the other hand, has done an excellent job of combining the greatest qualities of both genres to create a story that is riveting, sorrowful, mysterious, and compelling in equal measure. The first girl we encounter is Leah Rilke, who is being questioned about the event by a detective and a trauma expert. We learn from this chat that the girls’ parents registered them for a female-centric retreat.

They’re all dealing with emotionally draining situations that they can’t handle. Fatin, Shelby, and Toni are among the other characters who bring their own burden to the table. To secure their survival, the girls must eventually work through their differences and collaborate.

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