May 26, 2024

The Escape Of The Seven Episode 11: The Game Changer, Matthew Lee Shows His Dark Side! WATCH HERE

The Escape Of The Seven Episode 11

Typically, K-dramas are known for their sweet romance. But things have changed now. The Escape Of The Seven, the newest SBS addition, is ready to chill down your spine with its gritty mystery and revenge spree. The previous episode has already hinted at the biggest revelation. And now, The Escape Of The Seven Episode 11 will focus on how things will change when Matthew Lee shows his true color. Well, the six have been counting on him, but not anymore! His true identity will indeed play a pivotal role in messing up with the six lives. But will it be enough? Well, there are more layers to this mystery. So, keep reading to learn how things will move in The Escape Of The Seven Episode 11.


The Escape Of The Seven Episode 11: Who Is Matthew Lee? What He’s Up To?

In the closing moment, Matthew Lee revealed his true identity, which surprised everyone. The seven have been seeking Matthew Lee’s help to escape the crisis and the traps planned by Kang Ki Tak. But they will now lose their last hope. This is because Matthew aims to punish them with the help of Kang Ki and Min Do Hyuk. The trio is fueled with anger and prepares for the worst battle ever. In fact, The Escape Of The Seven Episode 11 still hints at the looming combat.

Meanwhile, Go Myung-ji faces a traumatic situation after she loses track of her kids. Well, she is already dealing with the false charges. And now, things will become miserable in the upcoming episode. The Escape Of The Seven Episode 11 preview also hints at the most-anticipated reunion. Penthouse alumnus will return to teach Myung-gi a lesson. But it won’t be an ordinary one. As for the six, they will lose all the money they have. Can they survive?

A Quick Recap!

Previously on The Escape Of The Seven Episode 10, Do-hyuk and the six entered Ji-a’s house and saw her dead body with a warning message on the mirror. Mo-ne quickly texted K about the situation, who later called Jin-mo to get out of the place. Since they had angered the Chairman, K yelled whoever did this would pay a price. After hearing this from K, everybody immediately left the house. They believed that Matthew could now save them. After learning this, Matthew called Chairman Sim evil as he could do anything to protect his son. He was afraid that he could lose Do-hyuk, who promised to stay by his side no matter what.

The Escape Of The Seven Episode 11

Mo-ne sought La-hui’s help, who suggested to focus on her family business. On the other hand, Jin-mo asked Paeng-hee whether Ha-na’s parents came for her. While their discussion heated up, she revealed that Ha-na was Mo-ne’s child. As for the latter, the police temporarily arrested her and grilled her about Ji-a’s suicide. While Ji-a’s suicide took a dramatic turn, the investigation team decided to follow a different route to unearth the truth. On the other hand, the six faced miserable situations. Elsewhere, Myoung-ji got suspended for pending disciplinary action. The episode got twisted in the end when Matthew walked into the room and told everyone that he was Lee Hwi-so.

The Escape Of The Seven Episode 11: Release Date

The following episode will bring more trouble in the six lives when they encounter their real enemy. You will learn it in The Escape Of The Seven Episode 11, which will air on October 27, 2023, at 10 p.m. KST. The show follows a weekly release pattern, airing two episodes on Friday and Saturday nights. It consists of 17 episodes which air on SBS Original, the local Korean network. Meanwhile, the global audience can catch it on Viki or Viu. This is all for now. Stay tuned. TechRadar247

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