My Dearest Episode 16

My Dearest Episode 16: Gil-Chae’s Terrifying Decision, Jang-Hyun In Pain! What’s Next? WATCH HERE

Now that everything is moving perfectly between Gil-chae and Jang-hyun, the audience expects My Dearest Part 2 to bring them together permanently. But sadly, it won’t be the case. Although My Dearest Episode 16 suggests the couple will come closer than ever, their beautiful time will be ruined soon. Has it something to do with Princess? Indeed! She’s ready to bring turmoil in Jang-hyun’s life and has already mapped out a way to deal with Gil-chae. It will ultimately test the couple’s relationship and Gil-chae’s desire to be with Jang-hyun. Will she stay? Or will she dump Jang-hyun just like she did in the past? For that, keep reading!

My Dearest Episode 16: Another Heartbreak! What To Expect Next?

Gil-chae decides to stay in Simyang after Jang-hyun is shot with an arrow. And once again, the former couple is back, reliving their best life. My Dearest Episode 16 preview clip shows how Gil-chae takes care of Jang-hyun. She even sponges and dresses him. During this time, things start getting better in their life. Even the promo hints at their first kiss after a long separation. The couple even spends time together admiring the beauty of nature before sharing a sweet hug. But will their happiness last long? Well, it doesn’t seem like. This is because Jang-hyun receives letters that bring back the sorrow.

Gil-chae’s husband is on his way to take her back. However, the former isn’t aware of it. She is still living her dream life. But Jang-hyun draws her attention to reality. He asks her whether she would stay with him. While he’s expecting a ‘yes,’ Gil-chae’s answer disappoints him. The couple later discusses their separation. My Dearest Episode 16 preview also shows the return of Princess. She aims for Jang-hyun and vows to destroy his love story. She doesn’t want him to be with Gil-chae and even badmouths about the latter. It angers Jang-hyun, who fearlessly attacks the Princess.

While her men try to interfere, she stops them. Princess let Jang-hyun lash his anger out. However, she warns him she won’t let any woman be around him. This is why she agrees to send Gil-chae back. Her husband has already entered Simyang. And now Gil-chae has to decide what she wants to do. Unfortunately, My Dearest Episode 16 will see another goodbye as Gil-chae will leave Jang-hyun again.

A Quick Recap!

In the previous episode, Princess finally let go of Gil-chae after shooting an arrow at Jang-hyun. After being shot, he fell in Gil-chae’s arms. While the latter was worried for him, Ryang-eum took Jang-hyun with him. Ryang-eum was petrified by the visual and didn’t know how to react. But he was more startled to see Gil-chae at their doorstep. She refused to leave Simyang as she wanted to be with Jang-hyun. The latter wasn’t at his senses, but Gil-chae did her best to heal his wounds. Fortunately, Jang-hyun returned to his conscious later that night and was glad to see Gil-chae by his side.

It finally led to their reunion, and instead of playing more hide-and-seek, the couple decided to enjoy the moments. They focused on bonding closer. Gil-chae also acted like Jang-hyun’s wife. She prepared food for him and helped in the field to grow crops. While the previous episode saw some beautiful moments between the couple, it also featured heartbreaking moments. Ryang-eum appeared broken after witnessing Jang-hyun in such pain. Meanwhile, Gil-chae’s husband and his men had entered the boundary of Simyang.

My Dearest Episode 16: Release Date

The next episode will bring some sweet but painful moments between the couple. The audience will witness it in My Dearest Episode 16, which will air on October 28, 2023, at 9.50 pm KST. It is available on its original network, MBC, while the global audience can enjoy it on Viki. My Dearest Part 2 airs every Friday and Saturday night. So, don’t miss it. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.

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