May 29, 2024

How Did SpongeBob Die? How Did The Other Characters On The Show Meet Their End?

How Did SpongeBob Die?

How Did SpongeBob Die: Do you remember any animated series falling in the genre of surreal comedy? Well, if yes, then it might surely be SpongeBob SquarePants! Hailing from Stephen Hillenburg, it is one of the longest-running animated series belonging to American entertainment. In fact, SpongeBob SquarePants is such a television series which has earned huge worldwide critical acclaim. On top of that, the surreal comedy show has served as an inspiration to various other films, including Sponge On The Run and The Patrick Star Show. Further, the titular character has gained cult status over the years. But lately, the internet is discussing disturbing facts about him. Talking more particularly, netizens are curious to know ‘How Did SpongeBob Die?’ There are certain theories about the same that have been doing rounds on social media. So, what actually is the reason behind SpongeBob’s death? Here’s what we know!


How Did SpongeBob Die? How Did Such Gossip Sparked?

Ever since SpongeBob SquarePants debuted in 1999, the lead character has witnessed several changes in himself, according to the creator, Stephen. It is already known that Bikini Bottom has not restricted itself to shows but also extended to movies and video games. Regardless of this fact, we cannot deny the fact that SpongeBob has become a popular animate figure among people globally. Don’t you agree? But haven’t you noticed significant changes in him over the years? Initially, fans loved watching his childishness, but later, the character turned sillier. This is the reason why the humor in the show also turned in a different direction. Therefore, there is no second thought that the quality of SpongeBob has seen a downfall since the fourth season of SpongeBob SquarePants.

How Did SpongeBob Die?
SpongeBob SquarePants

As per the fan theories, the decline in quality opened up doors for the SpongeBob death theory. So, How Did SpongeBob Die? According to this assumption, the SpongeBob character that the viewers had in the debut season seemingly died. Well, fans believe that he died in his first-screen adventure, but his son ultimately replaced him. To support this fact, netizens have claimed that since sea sponges can reproduce asexually, SpongeBob’s son took his place in the other series.

But while addressing the SpongeBob SquarePants Season 4, Stephen Hillburg said that the chapter serves as the prequel to the previous three seasons and the first film. This is the reason why the season throws no light on the after-events of SpongeBob’s first movie. Not only this, but we were also not given a brief explanation of the titular character being given the position of manager. However, Stephen’s statement never answered the question: How Did SpongeBob Die?

What Does The SpongeBob’s Death Theory Conveys?

As a result of these circumstances, fans came up with their own theories to convince themselves. Hence, given the open endings, people believe that the immature personality of SpongeBob is a satisfactory idea. At the same time, the death theory also holds sense for the fans. Now, since the creator has already confirmed that season 4 explores the past life incidents of SpongeBob, it is quite possible that the character might have passed away. So, ‘How Did SpongeBob Die?’ concerns refer to the apparent death of the original SpongeBob that fans saw in the initial seasons and the first movie.

How Did SpongeBob Die? Did He Die While Jumping Off A Cliff?

How Did SpongeBob Die?
SpongeBob, Patrick, and Squidward

There is no doubt that ‘How Did SpongeBob Die?’ has several theories associated with it. It is why one can find distinct opinions and assumptions about the same. However, according to a fan theory, SpongeBob died while he was jumping off a cliff. Discussing the overall incident, the notorious character went on a hiking date with his girlfriend. After climbing up a hill for a long time, the two sat and watched the sunset. Interestingly, SpongeBob also carried a diamond ring to propose to his girlfriend, but accidentally, the diamond ring fell down. To catch it and save the ring, he jumped from the cliff and eventually died. Although such a speculation might seem absurd, this particular assumption has attracted much media attention.

Furthermore, it also states that Patrick and the other residents of the Bikini Bottom attended his funeral. Not only this, but a couple of fishes also did the coffin dance before it was taken to the ultimate conclusion. Many people are curious to find out who killed SpongeBob, but sadly, there is no concrete answer to it. Well, even though the cliff theory has created much buzz in the media and the loyal fans of SpongeBob, many don’t rely on it. So, ‘How Did SpongeBob Die?’ mainly refers to the death of the original personality of the character after a few episodes.

Who Else Died On SpongeBob SquarePants?

How Did SpongeBob Die?
Mr. Krabs

Since the creator, Stephen Hillburg, has not officially confirmed the death of SpongeBob, the mystery of his death and the question: ‘How Did SpongeBob Die?’ remain unsolved. But his developing childish nature apparently cites that his child has replaced the original notorious character. Well, talking about the death of the other characters, people believe that a few pivotal characters have already died. This list includes the names of Sandy Cheeks, Mr Krabs, Squidward, and others.

Although the show is meant for children, the characters ending is quite miserable and horrible for them. In fact, there are certain assumptions that state that Mr Squidward died due to suicide, thereby providing a dark side of the entire show. However, these hypotheses are probably due to the fans’ interpretations as they differ from the genuine happenings in the SpongeBob SquarePants. Also, the actual storyline of the show has rarely depicted its character living in a sad or depressed environment. Therefore, the terrible death idea is doing rounds on the Internet, and social media can be referred to as mere imaginative interpretations.

How Did Mr. Krabs Die In SpongeBob?

Besides the question: ‘How Did SpongeBob Die?’ people are also searching for Mr. Krabs’ death. After SpongeBob, Mr Krabs is one of the most beloved characters on the show. The way he is impressed by the former creates an intriguing storyline for the viewers. However, in 2021, there was a strange report talking about the Krusty Krab owner’s death. According to it, the only crab resident of the bikini bottom was found dead inside his restaurant in a strange situation. Mr. Krabs was found lying on the floor with his throat cut. Furthermore, the online gossip said that the tool used to cut his throat was a metal spatula, which is said to be quite similar to that of the spatula found beside his dead body.

How Did SpongeBob Die?
Mr. Krabs

Not only this, but Mr. Krabs also had a few signs that hinted at blunt-force trauma on the back of his head. In fact, the floor of the restaurant was covered in cooking grease and, thus, was slippery. Now, the theory turns a bit more interesting, The hypothesis states that the greased floor had a couple of footprints, including SpongeBob. But, on the other hand, the pool covered with Mr. Krabs’s blood had no signs of the protagonist’s footprint. However, there were several other things that cannot be ignored. The Krusty Krabs’s cash register was empty, and the secret recipe for the Krabby Patty was also missing.

Who Killed Mr. Krabs?

So, who killed Mr. Krabs? Well, a viral document claimed that a few characters on the show appeared to serve as the witness to his murder. Surprisingly, they all hinted at SpongeBob and guessed that he was the killer of Mr. Krabs. Contrary to this, many believe that Krabs’s rival Plankton planned the murder, and he probably killed the Krustry Krab owner. However, despite such terrifying rumors and postulates, Mr. Krabs is still alive on the show.

How Did Pearl Die In SpongeBob SquarePants?

It is true that fans are anxious to find an answer to ‘How did SpongeBob Die?’ But, they are also nosy about the endings of other significant characters in the animated show. This is the reason why Pearl’s death has also sparked certain rumors on the internet. In fact, like every other character of SpongeBob SquarePants, there is a shocking fact around the table for Pearl. For those who are unknown, she is a teenage sperm whale who lives with her father, Mr. Krabs. As per the official storyline, she is the future owner of the Krusty Krab restaurant but works at the local shopping center, the Bikini Bottom Mall.

How Did SpongeBob Die?
Pearl Krabs

Well, coming to her death, Pearl dies after her father, Mr. Krabs, pulls out a gun and shoots her. He did this because the latter was disappointed with her daughter’s habit of spending his money on nonsense stuff. Not only this, but Pearl was also no longer thankful to him and never asked Mr. Krabs before spending the money at the mall. So, gradually, Mr. Krabs was about to go bankrupt and was on the verge of losing everything, including his house.

Therefore, to stop the process, he planned to kill her daughter whale. So, as per the viral theory, Pearl demanded money from her father to buy a pair of shoes worth $100. This was when Mr. Krabs did not give her money; instead pulled out a gun and shot Pearl. This led to her instant death at the moment, and she had a frightening end. Did it happen with SpongeBob too? How Did SpongeBob Die? Before that, let’s look at Pearl’s ending.

A Zombie Pearl

However, things were not settled permanently. After killing her, Mr. Krabs sensed something weird that night. It was when he was a bit afraid and began suspecting an anonymous presence in his house. Shockingly, the lights went off as a rock hit the lamp. So, we can say that his house had a horror feel. Further, after a few moments, a Zombie Pearl appeared before Mr. Krabs. Her purpose was to take revenge, and hence, she attacked him back. In fact, the zombie even attacked Sandy, thereby becoming a wanted criminal.

How Did Patrick Die In SpongeBob SquarePants?

It seems like TikTok is a new platform to discuss the fate of SpongeBob SquarePants’s characters. This is because the users have been seen getting involved in heated discussions regarding the death of the beloved characters. And after ‘How Did SpongeBob Die?’, people have tried exploring the death theories of the pivotal members of the Bikini Bottom. Hence, as a result, Patrick has also come on the radar for the same. Well, it is not new for us to see viewers getting intrigued by SpongeBob’s best friend, Patrick’s death. But before explaining the death of Patrick, let us explore the relationship between him and SpongeBob.

How Did SpongeBob Die?
Patrick Star and SpongeBob SquarePants

As already known, the two share a close friendship and are also next-door neighbors. In fact, the pair always remain together and are partners in crime. One can see them going through different adventures and love spending time with each other. Nevertheless, the viral post claiming Patrick Star’s death states that the character died due to food poisoning. Furthermore, it states that one of the episodes, titled Death in the Pineapple, shows Patrick losing his life due to food poisoning. However, such a happening has never been officially confirmed by the creators.

Patrick Star And SpongeBob Die Together!

Interestingly, the theory also suggests that Patrick Star was revived even after dying. Isn’t it a bit weird? Meanwhile, another theory suggests that his funeral service was held in January 2023 and was attended by his family and close friends. However, there were varied reactions on Tiktok regarding his death on the show. Well, apart from this theory, there’s a scene in The SpongeBob SquarePants movie that is considered the saddest scene ever. It showed the two friends dying as they were sad by the fact that they failed to save everyone in the Bikini Bottoms. Besides this, the movie also showed the characters happily singing the ‘Goofy Goober’ song as they embraced their inner child. So is this the reason behind How Did SpongeBob Die? While it remains unclear, the movie did hint at the two friends’ end.

How Did Squidward Die In SpongeBob SquarePants?

Amid ‘How Did SpongeBob Die?’ there’s another theory that is doing rounds on the internet, and it is about Squidward’s death. There is no second thought that Squidward has an immense fan following among the viewers. However, according to an episode, the character died and met a tragic end. The episode has been aired, but the unofficial chapter is pretty dark for the young audience. It showed Squidward practicing for a concert, but he was annoyed by SpongeBob and his best friend, Patrick Star’s silly actions. To avoid them, he even told them to stay away from him. But the two were not ready to do so. So, they continued to trouble him, and then the screen turned dark red. It showed a fish that had bloody red eyes and appeared strange. Not only this but the animated fish is also pronounced ‘Red Mist.’

How Did Squidward Die

Quickly after this scene, the screen changed and showed Squidward playing the clarinet. In fact, he was in concert, where he always desired to perform. However, the audience did not praise him. Instead, the people attending the concert found Squidward irritating, and SpongeBob and Patrick also passed negative comments on him. So as a result, Squidward went into depression and had a tough time dealing with the emotional stress. Now was the time when the screen changed again, and his time, a glitch appeared. Further, as the screen regained its life, we saw that Squidward was no more, and it was probably because he shot himself with a gun.

Spooky and Haunting Death!

In fact, the episode was also covered with a couple of eerie visuals, thereby giving a spooky feel to the viewers. Well, the TikTok trend of ‘How Did Squidward Die?’ started from a website called ‘Creepypasta.’ Well, it is an online website that claims that the character’s death or the suicide case is also known as Red Mist. Therefore, talking about Squidward’s death, he died by suicide after suffering from trauma and a high level of depression. Even though the episode is aired officially, it cannot change the fact that it is spooky, scary, and haunting for the audience. Furthermore, there are reports that suggest that the episode was narrated by one of Nickelodeon’s interns, but later on, it was deleted.

How Did Sandy Cheeks Die On SpongeBob SquarePants?

If you’ve watched the show, you might have been impressed with Sandy Cheeks. The character is quite intelligent and is an inventor by profession. Although she is described as an animated brown squirrel, she is said to be the love interest of SpongeBob in the Bikini Bottoms. Further, there is no denying that she has been a cheerful character who lifts up the mood of the audience. Well, coming to her death, Sandy Cheeks was found dead in her Arlington home. Talking about a particular date, theories claim that the character died on July 14, 2017. At the time of her death, the Infection had already confirmed Sandy’s exit from the 2017 Vans Warped Tour. In fact, all of them planned to take a break.

How Did SpongeBob Die?
Sandy Cheeks

Nevertheless, an actual reason for her death has never been confirmed, but speculations suggest that Sandy Cheeks might have passed away from an overdose of drugs and alcohol. On the other hand, a couple of fans believe that she could have committed suicide. Well, we cannot deny the fact that Cheeks has been suffering from depression and borderline disorder since 2000. So, there are chances for her to take drugs and pills to manage her mental health.

How Did SpongeBob Die: What Is The Main Reason Behind His Death?

As mentioned above, the show’s creator hasn’t opened up about the protagonist’s death. But there’s a debate going on the social platforms suggesting he jumped off a cliff or was murdered. While there’s no such evidence that could prove these theories, many believe SpongeBob was clone or replaced by his child. However, it has uncovered the mystery surrounding the question: How Did SpongeBob Die? Is he really dead?

Well, this is all about ‘How Did SpongeBob Die?’ What do you think: did SpongeBob die in his movie? Comment down your theories on the same. For more updates, stay tuned to TECH RADAR 247!

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