June 14, 2024

My Dearest Episode 17: Will Gil-Chae Divorce Bring Back The Couple Together? What’s Next? WATCH HERE

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While Gil-chae is back home, her life won’t be peaceful. Well, our beloved couple has seen a lot in My Dearest, and now their life has taken a new twist. Gil-chae’s husband doesn’t want to accept her, and now she has realized what her heart desires. So, My Dearest Episode 17 will be an eye-opener as the couple finally makes bold decisions. Gil-chae will work on fixing her life, and this decision will eventually make her a hot topic in the town. Amid this, she will decide to return to Jang-Hyun. Will she head to Simyang? Well, it could bring more trouble to her. But let’s see what she’s up to now.


My Dearest Episode 17: How The Couple’s Life Will Change? What’s Next?

Gil-chae has finally decided what she wants. After leaving behind the best life she had with Jang-hyun, she has returned to face the truth. Her husband has cheated on her, and nobody in the town, including her father, trusts her. Despite facing the harsh reality, Gil-chae is determined to change her future. She even approaches Won-Mon and announces she’s giving him a divorce. Well, it isn’t what her husband fancies about. In fact, My Dearest Episode 17 will see her going through some hard times while finalizing the divorce.

Meanwhile, My Dearest Episode 17 preview teases that Jang-hyun will arrive at Gil-chae’s town with the Crown Prince. It will be a heartwarming moment for both as Gil-chae waits for this to happen. Despite what had happened between them, Jang-Hyun searches for Gil-chae. While he doesn’t want to mingle with her business, he learns about the divorce and decides to follow his heart. And now, both look forward to staying in their dreamland for a thousand years. But can they?

A Quick Recap!

My Dearest Episode 16 began with Goo Jam breaking into the captor’s place to save the love of his life, Jong Jong. While they ran for their life, the pair had a heartwarming moment when Goo Jam kissed Jong Jong. However, the moment was short-lived as the latter knocked him down. After their successful escape, Jong Jong finally reunited with Gil-chae. The latter felt guilty for not being able to protect Jong Jong. Meanwhile, Jang-Hyun pretended he was still unconscious, but Goo Jam’s return forced him to stop his act. Although he thought Gil-chae would leave him once he woke up, it didn’t happen.

In fact, the couple shared some of the beautiful moments. They even decided to rekindle their romance, and Gil-chae chose to stay in Simyang with Jang-hyun. But Gak-hwa’s interference changed everything. She threatened Jang-hyun to stay away from Gil-chae and ordered him to send her home. But he refused and attacked after she badmouthed about his love. Despite everything, Jang-hyun ignored the warning and decided to be a bit selfish. When the couple finally made up their mind to start a new journey, the King passed away. His passing brought plenty of twists on the table. Now, his six-year-old was the Crown Prince, and Gak-hwa was in charge of the captives.

My Dea rest Episode 17

Following this news, Jang-hyun was forced to send Gil-chae away. But instead of telling her the truth, he decided to split heartbreakingly. In the closing moment, Gil-chae was back to his hometown. But everyone wondered if she was raped. Later, her father tried to choke her because of those rumors. As for her husband, Won-Mon was married to another woman, and she was now pregnant. Hence, Gil-chae decided to confront him and separate.

My Dearest Episode 17: Release Date

The latest episode will bring some more surprises to the audience’s plate. This is because it is set to bring back the couple together. You will witness it in My Dearest Episode 17. The seventh episode of part two will air on November 4, 2023, at 9.40 pm KST. Well, the makers have finally decided to extend the drama because of its huge popularity. So, instead of airing on Friday, the upcoming episode will be released on Saturday.

Well, another reason for the episode being postponed is that MBC will broadcast the baseball postseason playoffs on Friday. This is why My Dearest Episode 17 will be pushed back. Further, the makers have promised to improve the production quality of the rest of the scenes in the second half. But generally, the show airs every week on Friday and Saturday. It’s available on the local Korean network, such as MBC. Meanwhile, the global audience can stream it on Viki. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.

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