Miranda Lambert Weight Gain

Miranda Lambert Weight Gain: Finally At Her “Comfortable Place” Amid Internet Outrage For Her Appearance!

American country singer Miranda Lambert has been the talk of the town after her divorce from Blake Shelton. While the former couple has never thrown dirt on each other, plenty of stories suggest the couple is in bad blood. However, the reason behind the feud is not Shelton’s new partner. But instead, it’s Miranda Lambert Weight Gain. No doubt, the singer has been a hot topic because of her chubbier appearance. And the last few years have seen her going through ups and downs with her weight as well as her career. But is she doing great now? Well, Miranda Lambert Weight Gain has been a major concern for her fans. But besides this, she has again become a topic of trolling for her latest appearance. Keep reading to learn about it.

Miranda Lambert Weight Gain: The Big Trouble!

The country singer has never been slim, and she has been vocal about her body weight since the COVID-19 pandemic. While the pandemic had hit the world rock bottom, Lambert faced issues related to her weight. Last year, the artist went candid with Health magazine and revealed she had been all sizes. And since she’s only 5’4″, weight shows quickly on her. However, Miranda Lambert Weight Gain has created chaos for the singer. The 40-year-old claimed that she had struggled with her weight her whole life. In fact, she tried to follow a low-carb diet to shed some pounds. But instead of shedding some flabs, Lambert gained more pounds than before.

Miranda Lambert Weight Gain
Miranda Lambert

Thus, dieting never worked for the singer. Besides this, Miranda Lambert blamed the pandemic for her chubby appearance. She revealed in an interview that she became a binge-eater during quarantine. This was because the green diet never worked for her. And since it was the time when things were quite uncertain, the singer decided to follow her heart. The “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” singer also revealed that her husband, Brendan McLoughlin, had supported Miranda Lambert Weight Gain. He never forced her to starve herself to fit in the industry standard.

However, Miranda Lambert Weight Gain has always bothered the singer. She knows she needs to slim down a bit, as her appearance is important. But her attempts have always ditched her. Her low-carb diet never worked. So, instead of cursing the situation, Lambert used a couple of weeks of cheat days where she just ate cheeseburgers and drank beer. She told the outlet that she knew this stuff didn’t fit. But she was trying to slim down. So, instead of stressing over her weight, the “Dead Flowers” singer spent a month doing Pilates or running to cut a dress size.

Acceptance Is What Lambert Needs!

Miranda Lambert Weight Gain has always been troublesome for the celebrity. However, she had finally hit a comfortable place. After her divorce from Blake Shelton, Lambert has worked on herself and finally managed to shed 20 pounds. However, the journey wasn’t pleasant at all. But she managed to stick to her diet and exercise routine. The “Bluebird” singer said she had finally ‘hit a comfortable place.’ She was a size six and tried to consume the diet depending on her routine. But the singer also revealed that she no longer worries about her weight.

Miranda Lambert Weight Gain
Miranda Lambert

She talked about her comfortable place. Miranda Lambert stated that she no longer worried about her weight when she was on stage. It was the last place she felt stressed or worried about her looks. Lambert continued that she didn’t perform best when she felt insecure. Hence, the singer always tried to avoid such a situation. Further, her singing and stage is the place where she finds her comfort zone. Hence, she is generally unbothered by her looks.

Miranda Lambert Finds Inspiration From A Fan!

While Lambert has accepted her appearance, there was a time when she wasn’t happy about it. She confessed she wasn’t happy in her career and worried about everything. Back then, Miranda Lambert Weight Gain made things miserable for the country singer. However, the singer recalled when a girl probably of her size and age came to see her. That fan told Lambert she was inspired by the former and threw her scale away because the singer looked so confident in her skin. It made the “Wildcard” singer realize that her confidence and feelings about herself were important, not her weight.

Since then, she has never looked back. She even told the outlet that this conversation gave her the confidence to be like. Now Lambert knew that she needed to rock the world, and she didn’t want her bulkier appearance to create more trouble. Despite that, a year later, Miranda Lambert Weight Loss journey became the town’s talk. She successfully shed some pounds and now stands slimmer than before. She is currently working on her diet and exercise routine to stay fit and healthy.

But Trollers Shamed Miranda’s Body!

Back in August 2022, the “Drunk (And I Don’t Wanna Go Home)” singer’s video went viral on TikTok. She seemed to perform onstage in denim shorts, a graphic tee, and cowboy boots. However, some people- mostly men- took the social media to storm. They started mocking her figure and also suggested she should eat some salad or go to the gym. Many even trolled her divorce from Blake. They commented that Blake “dodged a bullet” when he divorced the singer in 2015. Social media was full of trolls about Miranda Lambert Weight Gain.

Miranda Lambert Weight Gain
Credit: TikTok

However, the singer hasn’t yet addressed those comments. However, some stood to defend the singer. One of the TikToker commented that nobody had a right to talk about her looks. Someone else commented that she looked amazing, and it remained unclear why only the men commented on Miranda Lambert Weight Gain. While the singer received most of the hate comments, she seemed unbothered by any of those comments.

Miranda Lambert Weight Gain: Is Miranda Lambert Pregnant?

It’s true that the singer isn’t slimmer ever. But Miranda Lambert Weight Gain has made many believe that she is pregnant. However, the singer isn’t pregnant at all. Her weight gain was a result of her poor diet and laid-back lifestyle. In fact, the singer has no biological kids. However, she’s a proud mother. She became a stepmother in 2006 after marrying Blake Shelton. The latter had three children from his previous marriage. But despite their divorce, Lambert has maintained a strong bond with her stepchildren. And now, after her second marriage, the singer second-time became a stepmother. But she currently has no biological kids.

Are Blake Shelton And Miranda Lambert Still In Bad Blood?

As per the source, Blake and Gwen Stefani privately laughed at Miranda after she gained a considerable amount of weight. The source claimed that Blake laughed at how he dodged a bigger-than-ever bullet after leaving the marriage and hooking up with Gwen. However, the insensitive comment left Lambert upset. But her current husband, Brendan, supported her throughout the tough time. Her husband was by her side and loved her regardless of Miranda Lambert Weight Gain. As per the outlet, Lamber weighed 170 pounds or even more at that time.

Miranda Lambert Weight Gain
Blake Shelton And Gwen Stefani

One thing to remember is that this feud took place months before Lambert started working on herself. She has shed some considerable amount and is now enjoying her slimmer side. Back to the story, the tabloid teased that Gwen and Blake had also passed the insensitive comments on Brendan. They had commented that the latter received attention after marrying Lambert. They also said the latter failed to find a man like Blake, so she settled with Brendan. However, it remained unclear whether such claims were true. As of now, nobody has addressed the feud.

Hike In Miranda Lambert’s Career

Earlier in 2023, Lambert made a huge career announcement. After working with Sony music label for almost two decades, the singer decided to part ways. It quickly shocked her fans. While everyone was concerned about her career, the Grammy award-winner announced another big news. In November 2023, the “Somethin’ Bad” singer teased that she and the Grammy award-winner Jon Randall had decided to team up. The duo are all set to launch their own record label, Big Loud Texas. They have been friends for years and decided to take their friendship to the next level.

But Trollers Slammed Lambert For “The Festival”

Recently, the annual Rock the South festival in Cullman, Alabama, was announced, and the folks were all set to take the show on the road. Each festival will feature Kid Rock and Jason Aldean. Besides them, Pecos & the Rooftops and Treaty Oak Revival, Elvie Shane, Kolby Cooper, Randy Houser, Big & Rich, Gretchen Wilson, Travis Tritt, Koe Wetzel, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and Hank Williams Jr. will also feature in the festival. However, people are upset that Miranda Lambert is also performing on the show.

The internet is outraged by her appearance at the festival. In fact, they have asked the show’s host to remove Lambert from the list. Nobody wants Lambert to join Rock and Aldean. While the reason behind such hate remains unclear, there’s a suggestion that her support for the LGBTQ community has made her the topic of discussion. Well, it remains unclear now whether Lambert will perform at the festival. But we will update you soon.

This is all about Miranda Lambert Weight Gain. Comment down your thoughts about whether she should participate in the festival. Stay tuned! TechRadar247 will keep you updated.


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