February 22, 2024

Dead Mount Death Play Episode 23: An Impending Battle & Fire Bug Joins Solitaire! What’s Next? WATCH HERE

Dead Mount Death Play Episode 23

Polka is now alive, and it will create a mess for Xiaoyu, who envies the former. However, Dead Mount Death Play Episode 23 hints that the duo will finally come closer thanks to Corpse God. While the situation between them will ease up, the next episode will face more challenges. It will see an impending battle between Civil and Corpse God. The former is on his way to destroying the world, making things more complicated when our hero fails to protect his people. Well, the previous episode has already seen Civil’s powers, and it will escalate in the next episode. Can Corpse God deal with the looming threat? Let’s see!


Dead Mount Death Play Episode 23: Preview Teases The Next Battle!

Since Xiaoyu is a part of the official Corpse God team, he will do whatever the latter asks. The former always wants to be on Corpse God’s good side. Now that the latter has asked him to protect Polka, he will go beyond his limits. Dead Mount Death Play Episode 23, “The Declaration,” suggests that Xiaoyu will use his fighting skills to protect Polka, where he will get a helping hand. In the current episode, the former will show her full potential while trying to fulfill Corpse God’s orders. It will also feature an enigmatic person who will try to stop Xiaoyu from protecting the Polka.

Meanwhile, Solitaire and Fire Bug will have a brief moment. They will eventually team up in Dead Mount Death Play Episode 23. The former is good at reading minds, so it will help Fire Bug in the battle. But this also suggests that Fire Bug has a motive behind their teamwork. There’s a chance that Solitaire will change his mind and join Corpse God in this battle. As for the latter, he will indulge in the fight with Civil, taking on the next level when he uses the magical circle. So, Polka will show up to save Corpse God.

A Quick Recap!

The previous episode began with Corpse God and Civil’s face-off. During this battle, the former learned that Civil was Arius Sabaramond’s clone. He was created as the latter’s vessel but gained his own soul. The situation was exactly opposite that of Corpse God, who had a connection with Polka. In that case, the body acted on its own. Later, Civil’s worldview also explained his perspective as he believed he didn’t belong there. That later provided the explanation for his liking to Lulu and Soara. The two were also manipulated by magic.

Dead Mount Death Play Episode 23

It then explained his goal for his cult. He didn’t want to follow his cult and believed he didn’t belong to this world. Lulu also wanted to head to the fantasy world as she saw this as her home. However, Soara had some other plans. She wanted to use magic for her own purpose. Following this, the Corpse God and Xiaoyu had a discussion where everyone was honest with their true self. The latter had a character development. Initially, he envied the real Polka because Rozan gave his attention and love to him. However, everything was sorted now.

Dead Mount Death Play Episode 23: Release Date

The next episode will be a rollercoaster ride. It will finally explain how Corpse God will deal with Civil’s matter. Catch it on Dead Mount Death Play Episode 23, December 19, 2023, at midnight JST. Fans in Japan can catch it on BS11, HTB, AT-X, Tokyo MX, and KBS Kyoto. Meanwhile, the global audience can stream it on Crunchyroll. The anime’s second-cour is currently airing regularly. So, don’t miss it. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.

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