February 29, 2024

My Demon Episode 11: No New Episodes This Week! Why? The End Of Demon’s Saga? WATCH HERE

My Demon Episode 11

Now that the situation tenses, Do-hee will soon find herself in a more complicated situation when she learns about the true identity of her beloved sibling. Stakes are already high, with Gu-Won wishing to change his fate. Can he do that? While several questions are running back of the audience’s minds, My Demon Episode 11 hints that something more tragic will take place. However, to witness this, fans have to wait. This is because SBS has some other plans for this week. Like? While the fate of the final two episodes is in jeopardy, you will soon be amazed by exciting news. Keep reading to know that.


My Demon Episode 11: Demon’s Wish! What Now?

In the preview clip of My Demon Episode 11, Gu-Won dreams about a woman named Wolshim from his past life. It bothers him as he has no idea why he’s having such dreams. The demon wonders why he’s still having such dreams when he is no longer a human and has turned into a demon. In order to get a proper explanation, Gu-won seeks God’s help. He meets her again to figure out why he is getting such dreams. However, God’s explanation leaves him with conflicting thoughts. She thinks Gu-won wishes to turn into a human again.

My Demon Episode 11

Meanwhile, things turn more dramatic in Do-hee’s family. Seok-Min is now aware of Seok-hoon’s move and plots another heinous move to separate the couple, who have just escaped the fire. Although they are still alive, Do-hee will find herself in a challenging situation when her only ally, Seok-Hoon, turns her down. He collaborates with Seok-Min in My Demon Episode 11 to separate Gu-Won and Do-hee as he knows about the demon’s true identity and wishes to keep his beloved sister safe.

A Quick Recap!

In the last episode, the audience sees Gu-won and God meeting. The demon questioned God about her intention to let people suffer. However, she revealed that she only set some rules, and humans chose their own paths, leading to dissatisfaction. In the meantime, Ga-young told Seok-hoon that Gu-won was a demon and manipulating Do-hee. After this revelation, he started investigating the demon. As for Seok-min, he recalled when he first met Do-hee. On the other hand, Gu-won returned home, spent quality time with Do-hee, and celebrated Gu-won’s birthday.

My Demon Episode 11

Since they didn’t know much about his exact birth date, they decided to celebrate it on their confession day. Gu-won asked her what she would do if the world ended, and she replied that she wanted to spend the remaining days with him. So, he decided to fulfill her wish. Later, he stated they should go on a trip to Sokcho. Meanwhile, Seok-min suspected Seok-hoon, who was actually keeping an eye on his father’s actions. On the other hand, Gu-won told Bok-gyu about his meeting with God and her warning. Unfortunately, Ga-young overheard it and tried to poison Do-hee, but Gu-won intervened and saved her.

My Demon Episode 11: Release Date

The K-drama follows a weekly release pattern. But sadly, the show won’t air new episodes this week. This is because the SBS Drawa Awards 2023 will air this Friday, pushing the My Demon Episode 11 release date. As per the official news, the upcoming episode will air on January 5, 2024. As for My Demon Episode 12, it will air on January 6, 2024, at 10 pm KST only on SBS for the Korean audience. Meanwhile, the global audience can stream it on Netflix. This is all for now. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.

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