My Demon Episode 12

My Demon Episode 12: On Hiatus! When Will The Finale Be Aired? What About Gu-Won? WATCH HERE

After Seok-min learns about Do-hee’s condition, he decides to map out a plan to destroy her life. But he’s not alone this time, as his son decides to join hands. While things continue to turn dramatic for Do-hee, she will soon learn about another dramatic news in My Demon Episode 12. Is it related to Gu-won? The audience is expecting a happy ending for the couple. But it seems like they have to wait to see this happen. Why? The network has some other plans for this New Year week. Is the show going on a hiatus? Keep reading to know that.

My Demon Episode 12: Another Plot Against Do-Hee!

The show won’t air any episode this week because of its scheduled award ceremony. Hence, it remains unclear how the storyline will be pulled off after Seok-min plots another plan against Do-hee. He wants to kick her from the family empire. However, Gu-won continues to create problems for him. While things turn dramatic, My Demon Episode 12 will witness another set of problems. Since the episode serves as the final episode of this season, it’s expected to expose Seok-min’s true face and crime. Further, the show is expected to reveal more about Gu-won’s backstory and connection with Wolshim.

My Demon Episode 12

A Quick Recap!

Unfortunately, My Demon Episode 11 didn’t air yesterday because of the SBS Drama Awards 2023. However, as per the preview clip of the episode, Gu-won rescued Do-hee from the fire pit. While saving her life, he finally sensed the surge of powers and learned that his powers had returned. Later, the couple spent their time cuddling. However, Gu-won remained surprised when he dreamt of a woman named Wolshim from his past life. It startled him, and he quickly rushed to seek God’s help.

She told him that perhaps he wanted to become human again despite getting his powers back. Meanwhile, Seok-min learned that Do-hee and Gu-won were alive and escaped his fire pit trap. After learning this news, he mapped another heinous plan to destroy Do-hee’s life. To his surprise, his son Seok-hoon decided to join his father in his mission. However, he was more into separating Do-hee from Gu-won as he knew about the latter’s true identity. So, he vowed to keep his sister away from the demon.

My Demon Episode 12: Release Date

My Demon Episode 12

While fans waited for the next episode, the K-drama faced a slight setback because of the SBS Drama Awards. The series won’t return this week since the network has scheduled to broadcast it on My Demon’s scheduled time. My Demon Episode 12 is now scheduled to air on January 6, 2024, at 10 pm KST. As for My Demon Episode 11, it will air on January 5, 2024. The series will air on SBS, while the global audience can catch it on Netflix. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.

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