February 29, 2024

Marry My Husband Episode 6: Ji-Won & Ji-Hyeok Come Close Amid Rumors! What’s Next? WATCH HERE

Marry My Husband Episode 6

Undoubtedly, the previous episode was a rollercoaster of emotions. Ji-won learns about Ji-hyeok’s relationship with Hee-young, which has changed the equation between them for good. And the audience will witness the same in Marry My Husband Episode 6. This is because the preview clip of the latest episode hints that the pair will come together. So, will she choose Ji-hyeok over Eun-won, her first love? Things are complicated since both have returned to the past to change their future. However, they aren’t aware of this secret, at least for now. So, will something tragic take place to let them realize that they have died before? Keep reading to know that.


Marry My Husband Episode 6: Will Ji-Hyeok Learn About Ji-Won’s Secret?

Although Ji-hyeok falls unconscious on Ji-won, he will soon return to his senses. The preview of Marry My Husband Episode 6 hints that the pair will work together. Now that Ji-won knows her boss’s feelings, she will work on their friendship. That may turn into a relationship as well. As for Ji-hyeok, he will learn self-defense from his friend to teach some basics to Ji-won. It will eventually bring them closer enough to make things miserable for the rest of the staff in the office. Meanwhile, the boss will punish Min-hwan for crossing the line.

He is aware of Jin-won’s future. So, he will be careful enough to build a gap between Ji-won and Min-hwan. However, this behavior change will make the latter more suspicious of the boss and her employee’s relationship. Marry My Husband Episode 6 also suggests that Su-min will map a plan to steal Min-hwan. And her efforts won’t be in vain, thanks to Jin-woo’s rejection. Amid this, a video will surface on the internet, making things troublesome for everyone. While Jin-woo decides to handle the case, Ji-hyeok suspects her behavior.

A Quick Recap!

The fifth episode began with a flashback of Ji-hyeok and Ji-won. It showed that the former had feelings for her but never opened up about this. However, he wanted to avoid repeating the same mistake. Thus, in the present time, Ji-hyeok decided to confess his feelings. His makeover surprised everyone, but he focused only on his lady love. Min-hwan noticed the changes and warned Ji-won about the situation. But she avoided the conversation. Later at the meeting, Ji-won learned that Su-min could copy her handwriting. While things backfired, the former told Eun-won that she had a boyfriend.

Marry My Husband Episode 6
Prime Vide, tvN

He doubted whether the person was Ji-hyeok, which surprised Ji-won. After a brief moment with Eun-won, the latter returned home. However, on her way back home, Min-hwan caught her. He mocked her attire and also grabbed her hands firmly. While it scared her, Ji-hyeok arrived in time and saved her from the mess. This encounter forced Min-hwan to flee. However, when Ji-hyeok tried to comfort Ji-won, she accused him of playing games when he was with Hee-young. But the former revealed that the latter was her sister and accepted his feelings for Ji-won.

Marry My Husband Episode 6: Release Date

The upcoming episode will indeed make things challenging for Ji-won when Ji-hyeok falls unconscious while dropping her off at home. Is he alright? You will learn it on Marry My Husband Episode 6, which will air on January 16, 2024, at 8:50 pm KST. It drops two episodes every Monday and Tuesday night with a runtime of around an hour long. The local Korean audience can stream it on tvN, while the international audience can catch it on Prime Video. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.

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