April 22, 2024
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Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Colin Returns For Some Menacing Sibling Revenge

Days of Our Lives Spoilers - Sloan and Colin

It has been a while since we saw Colin Bedford on DOOL. But the latest Days of Our Lives spoilers tease some major trouble in Sloan’s life. We wonder if this could be on account of Colin’s terrorizing return. The last we saw of him was when he took that near-fatal fall from the roof with Talia and landed in the hospital. He was later shipped off to a prison facility for all the trouble he wreaked in Salem. Of course, his sister Sloan represented him in court but failed to get him off the hooks.


Well, it was because of all the grave crimes he committed and with solid evidence in tow. But Days of Our Lives spoilers hint that it would be quite easy for him to assume that Sloan failed him on purpose. Perhaps because it wasn’t like she was his biggest ally in waging was against Chanel and Paulina to avenge their parents. He may just choose to believe that Sloan actually wanted him gone. So now, he may return with a renewed vengeance and Sloan’s name on his hit list.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers- Jada and Colin
DOOL/ Jada arrests Colin

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Colin Attacks Sloan Where It Hurts The Most

Currently, Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that Sloan’s biggest fear is losing baby Jude. Because deep down, she knows he rightfully belongs to Nicole. And sooner or later, she may have to concede him to her. But before that happens, there could be an even worse scare in store for her. What if Colin breaks out of prison and steals baby Jude to torture Sloan? We mean stealing little babies for revenge in Soap 101.

If the makers want to make the storyline even juicer, they may even go a do-over path. Colin really craves having a family, and if he steals baby Jude, he may start looking at him as his opportunity to finally have a perfect do-over family. Just him and his stolen son. Some Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that Sloan’s secret will spill out soon. So, what if that and this storyline are connected? Sloan is feeling crushed under the weight of her guilt. Now, if Jude gets in trouble because of her, she will be pushed past her threshold.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers- Sloan
DOOL/ Sloan has a meltdown

We can totally picture her having a meltdown and finally confessing all her dirty baby-stealing acts on DOOL. This could also bring Eric and Nicole together as they hunt for Colin to save their baby. Sounds exciting, right? Stay tuned to Tech Radar247 for more such thrilling Days of Our Lives spoilers and updates.

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