Like Flowers In Sand Episode 10

Like Flowers In Sand Episode 10: Du-Sik’s Love Confession, Coach’s Betrayal! What’s Next? WATCH HERE

After the rumors about Du-sik and Baek-du’s love story surface in the village, the latter faces a dramatic situation. His mother seems to have problems with his love life. That will continue to complicate things when she learns that her son has already confessed to Du-sik. Will they become a couple? But Like Flowers In Sand Episode 10 hints at Baek-du’s grave fate. The villagers have targeted him every now and then. And it seems like the allegations will intensify, thanks to Baek-du’s coach. What does he have to offer to Baek-du’s trouble? Indeed, he has witnessed something that the villagers need to know. Keep reading to learn that.

Like Flowers In Sand Episode 10: Love Confession Brings Tragic End!

Du-sik remains confused after Baek-du’s confession. Well, there’s no doubt that she harbors the same feelings for him. However, something keeps bothering her, stopping her from speaking. Du-sik decides to stay in the village despite being in such a situation to resolve the murder mystery. However, Like Flowers In Sand Episode 10 suggests it will give the pair time to discuss their feelings. The duo will share plenty of time together and soon draw many people’s attention.

Among them will be Baek-du’s coach. He won’t be happy to see Du-sik with Baek-du together. He believes it will affect the latter’s career and needs to stop him. As the rumors again surface, things get miserable for her. But Like Flowers In Sand Episode 10 hints that it won’t be easy for her to stop loving Baek-du. Soon, she will confess her feelings for him, making things more dramatic. As for Choi Chil-Seong’s case, it will get more complicated when a new angle enters the picture.

A Quick Recap!

The previous episode began with a depressive memory of Baek-du. He appeared depressed after learning that Du-sik had left the town without any explanation. Back to the present, Mi-ran found herself in a daunting situation. She was questioned why she was in Choi Chil-Seong’s car. Mi-ran revealed that the latter visited her cafe before his death. As per her story, he killed himself, blaming his gambling habit. That was why Baek-du was staying in contact with Mi-ran. The former also learned that his father had left money in the latter’s name.

Like Flowers In Sand Episode 10
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But instead of handing her the money, he gave that money bag to Du-sik and asked to find out about this case. Later, Baek-du’s boss asked Du-sik and Hyeon-uk to return to Seoul since they had almost solved the case. However, Du-sik asked to provide justice to everyone. Meanwhile, rumors circulated about Baek-du’s involvement with Du-sik. Since everyone believed she was married, it made things more troublesome for the boy. It put him in hot water, where his mother confronted him. He denied the rumors but later confessed his feelings to Du-sik.

Like Flowers In Sand Episode 10: Release Date

The audience will finally learn about Du-sik’s reaction in Like Flowers In Sand Episode 10. Will she accept his proposal? You will learn it in the forthcoming episode on January 18, 2024, at 21:00 KST. It drops every two episodes on Wednesday and Thursday nights with a runtime of around an hour long. The local Korean audience can catch it on the ENA network in South Korea, while the global audience can stream it on Netflix. This is all about the latest episode. Stay with TechRadar247 for more such updates.


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