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Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For The Week Of January 22-26, 2024: Eric Worries For Sloan, Alex Tries To Stop Theresa

Days of Our Lives Spoilers For The Week of January 22-26, 2024, reveal that the upcoming episodes will be a tumultuous ride. For starters, Eric apologizes to his parents on Sloan’s behalf but is met with a stunning response. Meanwhile, Paulina receives heartbreaking health updates. The drug ring drama continues in Salem as Harris digs deeper. Everett remains committed to uncovering the whole ring. Elsewhere, Alex and Theresa’s relationship hangs in the balance.

Harris Digs Deeper, Paulina Gets Test Results

Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that after the bistro raid, Harris goes to meet Clyde at Statesville. However, considering how resourceful and well-connected Clyde has proven himself to be, this may end badly for Harris. This visit may end up costing him or Ava Vitale quite a lot. So, she and Stefan will scramble at what Harris is up to. Meanwhile, Everett, too, will remain resolute to solve the drug mystery, as he lost a friend to OD. So this is a bit personal for him.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers- Harris
DOOL/ Harris stirs trouble

Days of Our Lives Spoilers reveal that Paulina is in for some bad news during the week of January 22, 2024. Her biopsy results will show that she indeed has cancer. Thankfully, she has Abe by her side to lean on. Spoilers say Paulina will also spend some quality time bonding with Chanel and Johnny. Speaking of bonding, Xander and Sarah will continue to bond, too, during the upcoming episodes. The reignited flame of their love will continue to shine bright next week!

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Alex Catches Theresa And Brady Kissing, Eric Worries For Sloan

Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that Alex walks in and catches Theresa and Brady sharing a kiss. We will have to wait for the fresh episodes to roll in to find out how he reacts to this kiss. However, the spoilers do say that he tries to stop Theresa from leaving Salem. So, it seems that he will let the kiss slide. But Theresa packs up her stuff from Alex’s place regardless. Will she really leave Salem and Alex?

Days of Our Lives Spoilers-Brady-Theresa-Alex
DOOL/ Theresa kisses Brady after her relapse

Elsewhere, in Salem, Sloan is a mess after ruining the dinner party with Eric, Marlena, and John. However, Eric soothes her and lets her know that it is okay. Days of Our Lives spoilers say that he also apologizes to Marlena on Sloan’s behalf. Claiming that she is just exhausted and overwhelmed. However, Marlena catches him off guard when she points to him that Sloan could have a drinking problem. Eric certainly starts to worry about his wife. His fears grow even stronger when Sloan starts to panic at the mere mention of Leo. Stay tuned to Tech Radar247 for more Days of Our Lives Spoilers to find out what happens next!


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