February 22, 2024

My Demon Episode 15: A Sneak Attack And Do-Hee’s Grim Fate! WATCH HERE

My Demon Season 2

Now that the K-drama is in its final stretch, My Demon Episode 15 will indeed focus on heartbreak and reconciliation. Gu-won and Do-hee are now a done deal after the demon’s secret is out. She knows he is behind her parent’s death. However, Gu-won doesn’t want to stay with her because he fears hurting his wife. But is he doing the right thing, leaving her just like this? The forthcoming episode will indeed see the couple in pain as they look sullen and try to reel over the recent events. Given that the show is nearing its end, how the couple deals with the lurking threat is intriguing. Keep reading to know that.


My Demon Episode 15: Preview Suggests At Another Unfortunate Connection

SBS recently released new pictures and a promo clip of My Demon Episode 15 that suggests Do-hee will struggle to deal with her loss. In the previous episode, she learned about her parent’s death and its involvement with Gu-won. While she tried to give him another chance, the demon left her as he didn’t want to see her in misery. Now, the latest promo suggests she will fight against the odds. She will wait for him only to learn that he is gone. Meanwhile, Gu-won tells someone he can’t return to Do-hee as this will only bring more suffering to her. It looks like he has decided to end his marriage with Do-hee as he wishes to see her live a good life.

On the other hand, Do-hee still hopes to see him again. Meanwhile, Se-ra is still afraid of Suk-min, although he died in the previous episode. But his body was nowhere to be found. This hints that he is still alive and plotting his next move. As Se-ra reels over the tragic situation, someone attacks Do-hee. It appears the person is none other than Suk-min, who has returned to take his revenge. But will Gu-won return to save her? Well, My Demon Episode 15 suggests the demon will break the law for the sake of love.

A Quick Recap!

In last week’s episode, Se-ra told Gu-won that her husband, Suk-min, was sinister and he was the one behind everything. Elsewhere, Suk-min choked Do-hee after confessing his wicked act. Fortunately, Gu-won saved her by arriving at the office. However, Suk-min’s bodyguard complicated things, so the demon teleported them to his favorite rooftop. On the rooftop, Suk-min appeared confident that he was safe because Gu-won wouldn’t kill him as it was against their demon code of conduct. But the demon had another plan and decided to torment him until he begged for his own death.

My Demon Episode 15
My Demon Episode 14 Recap- Netflix, SBS

Do-hee later asked her uncle to surrender, but he refused. While the latter’s pride was at its peak, the demon revealed that his wife had confessed to his crime and that the police would be there in no time with the evidence against Suk-min. After learning this, he requested that Gu-won make a contract with him. But the demon refused it. So, Suk-min decided to die rather than be caught. At the police station, Su-ahn heard about her brother’s crime and collapsed on the floor. The news quickly broke into the media. When things turned dramatic, Do-hee learned about her parent’s death and Gu-won’s real face.

My Demon Episode 15: Release Date

The penultimate episode will indeed reveal the future of Gu-won and De-hee’s relationship. Will they face a miserable fate? You will learn it soon on My Demon Episode 15, which will air on January 19, 2024, at 10 pm KST. The latest episode will air on Friday night on the local Korean network, SBS. Meanwhile, the global audience can catch it on Netflix. So, don’t miss it. This is all about the forthcoming episode. Stay with TechRadar247 for more such updates.

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